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  1. No worries, don't think we will ever see eye to eye. Happy to be ignored, I have two kids so I'm quite used to it The JW Green Label and Double Black have a fair dose of Islay in them and are a pretty decent drink. I am sat here with a glass of Laphroaigh Quarter Cask which is rather good despite being a NAS - decent kick to it and the flavour lasts a good while. Worth a try if you could lower yourself to listening to a rah rah....
  2. We had a cheese grater that disappeared then returned nearly 2 years later. Would love to know where that went.
  3. Having now tried a few JW blended whiskies I am no longer such a single malt snob, there are some pretty decent blends out there. Not so long back I spent a happy morning at duty free at Terminal 5 with a friendly salesperson who was more than happy to let me try all sorts of whisky. I still prefer Islay but I am now open to trying other whiskies.
  4. You're probably due a Java update too....(and the bl**dy thing will ask if you mind them updating your home page to Yahoo and setting it as your default search engine )
  5. Since switching from driving to work everyday to working from home full time my annual mileage has plummeted. My car now spends most of the time sat in my garage and maybe comes out 3 times a week. Most of my work travel is internationally and I get a taxi to the airport. My monthly trip to the petrol station is something of a novelty, sometimes I can go 6 weeks between visits.
  6. Yes, nice toy but a little heavy on the tyres. Also a bit rubbish when it comes to mpg, but 33,500 in 6 years hasn't seen me splashing out excessively on fuel.
  7. Similar mileage and was checking the other day and thinking I may soon need a fourth set of tyres on the front wheels. Not sure if Continentals are rubbish for longevity or possibly my enthusiastic driving style may have something to do with it....
  8. To my untrained ear it is pretty good. We do have a few around the house and have been really impressed with them. We have a pair in the lounge that are paired to give stereo sounds and they sound really good even at a reasonably high volume. The app to control them is very user friendly. We use Spotify for streaming music. The Play 1 is currently on special offer at Amazon/John Lewis etc, £30 off the regular price
  9. I just got a Sonos Play 1 for my home office. Wish I had done it years ago as ditching my old Sony stereo that was on it's last legs has given me a lot more desk space to fill.
  10. Not one I have tried but is on the list (a long list)
  11. For those who may be looking for a bargain there are some good deals poping up on Amazon for whisky. Laphroaig Quarter Cask is going for £24.99 a bottle normally at least £10 more per bottle. Although a NAS whisky it is actually half decent dram for those who like Islay whiskies.
  12. Oh yes, know that only too well. All our travel has to go through our travel agency who not only charge a hefty fee for each booking but also appear to have negotiated deals that cost far more than what is available to the general public. It is a disciplinary offence to book travel and not use them. Stupid beyond belief, and given that I and many of the 5000+ other employees do a lot of travel no doubt costs us a ridiculous amount each year. We have a similar deal for stationery where we have managed to negotiate a deal with a supplier to purchase items at inflated rates that other companies would blush at charging, we also get to wait a week or more for delivery. Presumably they have not heard of Amazon.
  13. I'd personally rather spend the extra 20 minutes on a train than in Brum, although I can see the appeal of the return journey being 20 minutes quicker.
  14. Like a "high speed" train track between London and Brum?
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