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  1. It wasn't worth investing in matches that were still being called off at random. Warrington didn't just forget how to hold events in the last 18m, there were clear reasons they were staged as they were.
  2. I have said for a long time that we need to try and focus on creating a positive narrative around the game. We are a pretty negative bunch in RL, but the game makes it very easy to be negative and fall into that trap as some of the own goals the game creates is laughable. I think the morale around the game is an issue, and it can be a drain at times and tbh, over the years I have chosen to do other things as I find it too much of a drain at spells. I have said we need to focus on some easy wins, stop talking about the structure, stop making controversial decisions, just do things well and create a happier atmosphere. I think if we can get behind the Channel 4 deal, get a good streaming offering, stage a good Semi double header plus Cup Final, Magic and lead into a World Cup, 2022 has the makings of a really good and fun 12 months. When we talk about new or existing fans, it doesn't really matter, we have a lot of lapsed fans, our crowds are down on recent year's so even turning that round is progress. We then have the World Cup to really focus on newer fans, in grounds and on TV. Creating a positive vibe around the game cannot be underestimated imho.
  3. I think criticising Catalans for signing homophobes and sex offenders is fair game, and them having 13 overseas players is worthy of criticism in the same way it would be if Hull KR did the same. But they are playing within the rules, and will live or die by their own business decisions, if their customers are happy with it, good for them. They are a strong SL club and they don't need to be questioned at every stage, but then we like to do that about all our existing clubs, so maybe that just makes them part of the furniture. Similarly we don't have to go over the top with the benefits - there are some nice tv number quotes - but when Salford made the Grand Final there were almost 200k more viewers and 20k more in the ground, and we know the state Salford are in. ON the signing itself, I don't like it one bit, I don't think we should be signing players following offences like this, but as per my 2nd para, that's their choice.
  4. About 10 episodes in, and its a superb show. Excellent cast, and a lot of similarities with one of my favourite movies as a kid Major League.
  5. Sods law, the one year Wire win the league, we also get relegated.
  6. The more important point here though, one we seem to be ignoring is - are these leagues, divisions, or conferences?
  7. Your post is a bit contradictory really. You are criticising RL fans for 'aiming for the now' - yet you are responding to a post asking for more patience and a better longer term plan.
  8. It would appear to be a late sponsor as somebody else mentioned. It looks like they had the kits made without sponsors and then they signed this. Particularly as they say you can have a blank one now and then upgrade to a sponsored one if you want one when they are ready. That hardly suggests it is them catering for no sponsor shirts. They also stress that it is this year only.
  9. I look forward to Wigan making a complete balls up of next year's release. I do enjoy the 'creative' years they go with Agree, these are the best Wigan kits for a while.
  10. Nice kits from Wigan. I always see people complain about sponsors, and I get it, but I must admit I find shirts without sponsors a bit weird nowadays. Like something is missing. The whole Iqoniq thing seems weird though, didn't they get pulled off other club shirts during the season last year?
  11. Because they have away games? needless waffle to make it seem more complex than it is. It seems a pretty simple message, they want to relay the pitch and fitting it in as part of a crazy busy schedule means there will be a few weeks without home games. There is an argument that they maybe need to schedule things a bit better, but I dont see the big issue - I assume they are still playing the games at Headingley?
  12. I always think Hull KR home games come across well on TV too, good atmosphere and a nice balance between knackered old ground and modern stand.
  13. Yeah, I realised afterwards which para you meant.
  14. Yes, and I'm genuinely not being obtuse, a small part of my role involves signing off press releases and online content and this would have been sent back instantly - as would pretty much everything the RFL team does! But I struggled to understand the point of the opening post in this thread and followed it up by reading the link and it all made little sense. I don't know why there are references to Magic Weekend and Toulouse away etc - it's waffle.
  15. The first paragraph of the article doesn't mention scheduling dilemmas. Para 1: Leeds Rhinos fans are getting excited about the new Betfred Super League campaign after the new fixture list was revealed this morning but the mens first team is just part of an exciting year ahead at Headingley Rugby Stadium.
  16. Nice to see C4's social media covering this a fair bit. Things like that are a positive sign, I'd encourage people to interact with it as much as possible. In general the announcement has been massively positive, with only the odd weird exception, and C4 will absolutely be monitoring the online sentiment.
  17. On the actual subject, surely there is little issue here. The decision is theirs, as long as it can be accommodated, I don't see the problem. Even Man Utd are making their stadium unavailable on certain weekends each year, and in 2022 they are staging the Grand Final and two World Cup Finals RL games. Nowt to see here.
  18. You are the niche population. As Gav proved when he also claimed that streaming was the bigger channel. It isn't.
  19. It seems an odd change, as we specifically moved to 7.45pm a couple of years ago to make it slightly more family friendly and make sure the games finished a touch earlier.
  20. There is literally no mention of a 6 week block in this article prior to this paragraph. Could you quote it for me, because it is genuinely missing from the article I am reading? The thread didnt make sense, so I read the article, and that didn't make sense. "The six round period which excludes a home game..." is really not clear what it is saying.
  21. Leeds are an impressive club, but I think they've borrowed the RFL's work experience kid for that update. Ive read it a couple of times and I don't know what it is saying. The last paragraph refers to a six week period as though that has been mentioned elsewhere in the article, and I still have no idea whether any games are being moved or whatever. If not, why is this news? It really does read like the RFL guff we see a lot of at the moment.
  22. Are flights to Toulouse only available from London? Any other options for travelling that you know of?
  23. They would see the difference between a 10 to 15k crowd and a 1 to 2k crowd. It can all be enjoyable, but the event status would look different. And that also goes for top of SL vs bottom of SL, which is part of Matts point.
  24. First couple of rounds fixtures released. Four live games in round 1 (including Toulouse home opener) 3 in round 2 - disappointing that Catalans home game is not on TV.
  25. I'm going to stay in Edinburgh with family as will be haeding back to Newcastle for the Scotland game on the Sunday. The train journey from Edinburgh to Newcastle is very pleasant indeed.
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