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  1. At least the BBC are consistent with the contempt they have for RL. The main thing is,there's not an hidden agenda against RL.
  2. And there’s folk convinced there’s never been an agenda against Rugby League
  3. They’ll be rejoicing in ‘Barnes’ and ‘Richmond ‘ and other Home Counties hotspots.
  4. Which ‘ media sports desks ‘ did you work for ?
  5. Perhaps those pair of charlatans Maurice Lindsay and Chris Caisley would like to give an interview on the current state of Rugby League ? The same pair who constantly talked down the Challenge Cup and International RL. A pair of ‘ two bit frauds’ that should taken to task.
  6. A superb 3 page tribute to the late Dick Huddart in the Autumn issue of the Rugby League Journal .
  7. Harry Edgar will do an obituary in the next copy of The Rugby League Journal.
  8. https://www.wfxrtv.com/japan-2020/breakdancing-in-the-olympics-its-happening-in-3-years/amp/ This has got the nod before RL.
  9. Will never happen, Rah Rah has to much influence.
  10. They’ll be no touts at the game , because they can’t make any money from it .
  11. Ash Barty is a West Tigers fan, just thought I’d mention it
  12. Those tired graphics are now on for the 1895 final add that to the CC preview, it really is cheap and insulting.
  13. It was the 1st test at Wigan in 1978 ( I went to all 3 ) where Steve Nash and Tommy got sent off . The Aussies beat GB very convincingly at Leeds in the 3rd test and it also emphasised the big gulf in playing standards and fitness. I was fortunate to be at wilderspool in 1978 when Warrington beat the Aussies 15 - 12 ( was 19 at the time ) . Without a shadow of a doubt the greatest match I ever witnessed at Wilderspool , the atmosphere was electric . Tommy played in that game , a terrific player . Great memories.
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