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  1. McShane been the best hooker in the British game for the last 4 or 5 years. Yes i am biased too. The fact he also plays in the halves too makes him invaluable to us.
  2. Only Kendall scoring the match winning try can prove his bias in this game. Absolutely god awful.
  3. Obviously not the reason if you're going to go to Huddersfield
  4. We've joined the fun now. Next 2 games cancelled after 4 more positive tests. At least we won't have the nonsense of our home game v Leeds at Headingley taking place.
  5. Holmes red. Greenwood yellow. Now tell anyone who will listen that the refereeing standards aren’t at an all time low. Disgusting.
  6. Tell you what, just about every club is doing it tough. Every single club deserves big raps for keeping going.
  7. I’m on about the 2 strips that the bloke in charge and his Lino cant see even though its in front of them.
  8. Interest in Watson from Hull. Not surprised. He reminds me of Powell 5 years ago. Hungry to succeed. If it happens they will be in the Grand Final at least in the next couple of years.
  9. https://www.totalrl.com/elstone-explains-toronto-apprehension/
  10. Can’t fault them. Players are being flogged to death.
  11. It was said on TV at the time I posted. Can’t remember who said it. I wouldnt have posted if I hadn’t heard it. Back in your box.
  12. The roulette of which of the 3 teams gets the home game this week is Wire. Absolute nonsense.
  13. Ah you mean a grand final when the whole team was disrupted in the week, due to the actions of Hardacre.
  14. He was trying to give his analysis.he wasnt wrong. Too many are too quick to have a go. Maybe he should stop giving interviews, then moaning clowns like you would have nothing to come back on.
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