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  1. Catalan,Salford,Wigan,Dewsbury,Dewsbury Moor,St.Helens,Hull FC,Hull KR,Huddersfield,York,Barrow,Hunslet,Workington,Whitehaven,Quins,Leigh,Oldham,Lon don Skolars. Yeah a few.
  2. That surely has to be one of the worst video ref decisions ever by Ian Smith there. No chance that was a try.
  3. No one i have the highest amount of respect possible for everyone who plays RL no matter who they are,who they play for and what level. Softest player in SL nobody because they play the game.
  4. Luaki what was he up too lifting like that. Fantastic tackle by Tom Briscoe on Fox at end.
  5. Tomorrow marks a year ago since the death of Leon Walker whilst playing the sport that we all love Rugby League. My Thoughts will be with him and his family tomorrow. Thats what some people have to remember that every player on that field is putting there body on the line.
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