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  1. the trophy room lady at the d/w stadium,has got her job back after 12 years
  2. cant understand those who dont want Graham....Yes he can winge a bit, but he has made more yards than any other forward in the league this season playing in a weakened team. Senior has been a good servant, but think its time to replace him with the likes of Shenton..Bound to say this, but Wellens, even with shortage of pace, has been as good as any full back this season..
  3. so in the list provided, no mention of saints youngsters...i must be watching another club. Think ours have done well with the injuries we have had, and we still have a few in the wings
  4. Well i am a saint who doesnt hide, why should, how many on here thought we would even have got there this term, and the 72,000 almost, showed that we can raise attendances..That said, WELL DONE WIGAN,deserved on the night and the season..We did fluff too many chances that in most games we would put away...But, considering Eastmond and Pryce have been missing for too long i wont knock the lads who stood in, how different it could have been with those two fit and on the field. Now for the internationals, Christmas and next year to focus on..bring it on
  5. Think you are right John, no rush until all the facts come out
  6. Never liked him as a player with his defensive attitude at times, but a good player with ball in hand R I P
  7. ive been going, since we went on bikes......................penny farthings as well but i aint going to Widnes on it
  8. Huddersfield coach Nathan Brown said: "They say everybody is replaceable but I'm not so sure Keiron Cunningham is replaceable. He's an outstanding player. "The word great gets thrown about a bit loosely but, if he hadn't played tonight, I dare say the scoreboard would have read a bit more in Huddersfield's favour. The game flowed their way when he was on the field. "Inside that 10 metres, Saints are probably as good as any side in the world
  9. wouldnt exspect any other reply from SOME pies, join the list
  10. oh and thanks, was a bit nervy though when hudds crept ahead
  11. course i am, and it is bedtime as you state......need the energy to watch who we may play next week at our second home..should have borrowed that instead of widnes
  12. serious..i have a soft spot for Cas, and in a way for Salford and their long suffering genuine fans.
  13. course he has, now McGuire on the other hand
  14. oh dear, how cool are these south standers then......hope you make it, but dont think you will..bring on the pies
  15. 8015 poor showing from the wire fans. Think they were saving it for when they come to K/Rd next week..........oh sorry, forgot,they cant now.
  16. you mean like Wigan hogging the old Wembley for year after year
  17. And not a swear word heard at any of them if youve never stood on a brick to see the game, at a snowy post office road, or had a pint or three at parkside you are not a true fan afraid Hudds wont ever get big crowds, even when they reach a final..Maybe too many teams both rugby and soccer nearby.
  18. edit............leeds and saints, two big names of the modern era.....Wigan big name from the past now improving after a bleak 14 years....will agree with the rest of the post
  19. oh that Karl, thought you meant Kyle ................bring on the w@nkies
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