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  1. Feel for the Cas lads after that comeback, but pleased as a saint that it ended the way it did, Keiron now believes in fairy tales Two exciting games today, hope those due next week can keep it up. As for Warrington, they must be gutted to lose 2nd spot in the last minute of the season. Still all to play for for both teams, just hoping the jinx is still active regarding my team
  2. those that want a refund at k/r will get one..not much good for the likes of saintsbird, but saints did complain about the switch, but SKY rule the roost.
  3. aye but this is saints, so it wasnt, that was wolves,so it was,in the eyes of SOME fans For anyone in outer mongolia, saints are now second
  4. you,ll be saying next you dont like playing at k/rd................ sorry, i,ll get my coat
  5. cant see that Wendall, the pitch is in good shape, but the toilets are ######
  6. thanks Wendall..like to see the bright side of life, its only a game after all, but not for some it seems. oh, and 77 isnt old, it just seems it at times..lo,
  7. correct, all this mouthing is hindering our points scoring
  8. What about Westwood last night...never a try if he had gone to the screen, never mind they all count meant we needed 21 clear tonight, instead of 14..lol
  9. i am mate, remember Murphs first game...trouble is its made me lose most of my hair..lol..but ive said it was a bad call tonight and knocked crusaders for six, they lost heart after it
  10. was at central park wendell, no videos then, just a newspaper photo with his hand a foot above the ball, but still given..bloody refs, they know nowt..lol
  11. been around a while wendall..seen bad and good calls, and had to accept them
  12. As and ex saints and wires player Alex Murphy used to say, it will be in the paper in the morning was a bad call, but sure warrington MUST have had some in their favour at times. ..like when a Bevan , NON TRY,knocked saints out of a semi a few years back.
  13. i agree that an older respected player should do it each year, and not because of having a terminal illness..Give an Ex another day in the spotlight, and do away with freebies for those who dont know one iota about our game
  14. just waiting a little longer for the league leaders hubcap, which will be the only thing they will win this term..seem to be bottling at the wrong time..Saints/Leeds final anyone
  15. lol..the wifes the matron, and she is a big girl.................anyone want a prop forward
  16. spelling going as well.................heartbeat
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