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  1. Me neither, I'm obviously a Leeds fan and think it will be incredibly close. I've so much respect for Ian Watson I almost want Salford to win.
  2. A big well done for Salford last night, Ian Watson is doing a fantastic job there. As for the final I understand everyone will be rooting for Salford I just hope it's a great game.
  3. What's that got to do with it ? You might as well say how much does Lenegan take out of Wigan. I've never seen what Robert Elston brings to the party and for those wages even less so. As for the poll it's daft.
  4. A bit harsh on Hall DM. Was injured when he went I know but he's never really had a chance to prove himself. He went and found himself second string to the Morris twins. Only played a handful of times and played outside a centre who won't pass.
  5. You obviously don't agree but Makinson had a better grip on Watts balls than Powell and Farrell did. You could read a news paper between Powell arm and the ball.
  6. I beg your pardon, I thought it was I was mentioned about going back 5 years ?
  7. Not sure there's been one yet meast but watch this space no smoke without fire.
  8. Just seen team sheets, can anyone explain how Naiqumas playing. I thought a two match ban for an attack to the head was fair.
  9. I remember a few seasons back Brett Ferres got 6 matches for doing the same thing to Oliver Gildart. I would be very disappointed if Smithies got anything less.
  10. Exactly, he's only been there two minutes and played a handful of times. Maybe it's too hard for him the Jessie. The last time I was homesick I had good reason I was being shot at by Argentine soldiers he's only playing rugby.
  11. Getting splinters in the bum with this one. If I had to chose I'd go for Giants +6
  12. I think Wigan will be far too strong for us, Wigan +12-18. On the other hand if we get a bit of good fortune like Wigan did themselves last week who knows. On another note true class from the Wigan club with there shirts for this game total respect.
  13. Just watched the game back, what did myler do wrong ? He dropped one high ball the rest of the game he was very good. Is it a case of you just hate him ? A bit like me with Liam Farrell.
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