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  1. If you would like to contribute to the York City Knights Squad Builder Fund, please contact me via the fund's email - ycksquadbuilderfund@yahoo.co.uk Andy Gomersall.
  2. I would like to thank KISS for their contribution to the York City Knights Squad Builder Fund at the Fans' Forum last night. The fund accepts many one-off payments and monthly standing orders from fans, who include one in Hawaii and one in Los Angeles. The only outgoings from the fund are to York City Knights referenced to a named player. All of these payments are approved by a majority of the four trustees of the fund. From the current squad, the fund has helped with the acquisition of Matty Marsh, Liam Salter, Connor Robinson, Will Jubb, Kriss Brining and Jordan Baldwinson. If anyone else would like to contribute to the fund, they can contact me on ycksquadbuilderfund@yahoo.co.uk. I will then provide the bank account details. Andy Gomersall.
  3. I have had a message from Mike Miller (Mick the Miller) asking for information about our York City Knights' fans in Los Angeles and Hawaii as he is visiting both places in the near future. I do not know how to reply to this message. I can provide email addresses for both the Los Angeles and the Hawaii contingents if I am contacted via ycksquadbuilderfund@yahoo.co.uk. Andy Gomersall.
  4. While I was in Toronto, I met John, Jack and David Williams who had travelled from Los Angeles California to watch York City Knights play. They expressed interest in supporting York City Knights through the YCK Squad Builder Fund. John Williams has been in touch with me by email today and promised to send a cheque to help with our current recruitment drive. Andy Gomersall.
  5. The York City Knights Squad Builder Fund has today received a cheque from Ron Wagner-Wright in Hawaii. Ron has given this donation in honour of his grandfather, Ernie Wright, who played rugby league in York in the 1920s. Although totally blind, Ron follows the progress of York City Knights from Hawaii. Andy Gomersall.
  6. Squad Builder can take any donations either as a one-off payment or a monthly standing order. I will provide the bank account details to anyone who asks by email. The Squad Builder email address is ycksquadbuilderfund@yahoo.co.uk. Andy Gomersall. .
  7. Stade Ernest Argeles is 2 miles from the airport and is an easy 30 minute walk. It is due east from the airport and mostly downhill towards the banks of the Garonne river.
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