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  1. Villeneuve sur Lot have lost a lot of players, but their coach is great at creating teams using a couple of foreign players,local experienced players and a lot of younger players produced by the club,
  2. There's a third brother Alex(cookie) Chan he plays against my eldest son, so 15/16 years old, they qualify next year I believe as they left France for a few years to go back home, if you leave it restarts at zero to get nationality etc.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=141418877988386&id=100063608228316 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=183745130422427&id=100063608228316 Anthony dune, rory nettleton(Newcastle) and Kieran Lewis Huddersfield u19s
  4. Newcastle I believe, they announced them in June, it's been quiet about Leon Pryce too, they're on the sharks Facebook page
  5. As I've said lots of times let's hope lattes-montpellier get a team on the field, in their first season they cancelled a few games and played lots of the others with 13/14 players, they've moved up a division and the difference in level is massive, plus they've not signed many players except a couple of English lads,
  6. Toulon will be in elite 2. Lattes-montpellier have been included in the fixture lists too. Elite 2 will start at the beginning of October,
  7. My mate Lionel touchet the president of gratentour, great bloke. He has polish ancestry I believe,
  8. The green pass or pass sanitaire could have a massive effect on the teams in the lower division, either a test on the Tuesday and one on the Sunday to be able to train and play or be fully Vaccinated from 12 years old and upwards, Plus the tests will soon be no longer reimbursed.
  9. Heat wave here, temperature to reach 40 degrees, good to know for the betting people.
  10. Looks like the elite 1 season will start mid October with 9 teams, the first two weeks of October will be replaced by a nines tournament, (tried a couple of years ago) The season will run until the end of may, nothing is confirmed yet but this is the latest news.
  11. They play in regional poules and only meet in the play offs.
  12. Sorry, gratentour have moved up to elite 2, tonneins used to be and are now in dn1 ,la Réole dropped to federal not the third division,
  13. La Réole won the elite 2 league about 5 years ago and then dropped straight back down to the 3rd division, Tonneins have been announced in elite 2 with Montpellier sharks I think, I've never heard of the other team,
  14. They desperately need some players as the season starts in 6 weeks!
  15. Montpellier sharks have just announced lambergini as a sponsor,I don't know if it's anything to do with the car or it's a local Italian restaurant, as always the same two people in the photos etc!
  16. The quarantine has finished for people arriving in the UK from France, does that mean Toulouse will get some home games?
  17. Just read today the elite 1 with 9 clubs, the club that finishes last relegated and the top four from elite 2 promoted. Elite 2 with 2 pools of 7. There's no way they can promote 4 teams from elite 2 for next season, baho and villeghailanc are reserve teams of elite 1 teams so can't be promoted. I can see some teams fighting hard to finish fifth so to not get promoted!
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