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  1. JLandsman

    1895 Cup

    The Challenge Cup semi is played before the 1895 semi. The RFL has stated that if Bradford or indeed Halifax get to Wembley and are still in the 1895 cup the team drawn to play them receives a bye.
  2. Joined Rochdale until end of the season according to BBC.
  3. Actually being at the game we beat a poor side. Yes you can only beat what is in front of you. Our performance today has finally broken the run of defeats and hopefully we can build on this, confidence boosted and build some momentum, stay up and look forward to our home game with Leeds next season.
  4. If you go to your account settings in the app you can add your son as a junior member and this will give him his own membership number. This is how I got two tickets for my lads.
  5. JLandsman


    First thing I thought when the terror threat was raised would be whether Stack would be available. Seems a shame after he missed the League 1 Final for the same reasons.
  6. I would have stuck with Hankinson after the pre-season games especially with today's heavy pitch. I think both sides made poor use of the strong wind today. I wonder if the game would have panned out differently if we'd have kicked the penalties in the second half. Maybe lack of confidence in the kicker was behind the decision to run the ball. On a positive the short kick-offs worked really well. Just hope that we only get the chance to do it once a game in future games.
  7. The trouble with getting on the refs back is that it gets to some of the players, they start questioning decisions, think everyone is against them and lose focus on the game. Players on both sides today seemed to be having long running debates with the touch judges about decisions from two or three tackles ago. Just get on with the game. I must admit I never heard any abuse directed to the players today, but nobody who is prepared to put their body on the line deserves that kind of stick, especially in conditions like today.
  8. On a different note I am fed up with listening to fans getting on the back of the ref and touch judges instead of getting behind the team. The referee wont change his mind and I am sure the negativity from the terraces gets to the team.The spineless touch judges were responsible for spotting a few of the Rochdale knock ons. The speed of our distribution from acting half back is so slow that the opposition defence could be 15 yards back and still be up to our line in time. The really worrying thing was the amount of territory we had in the second half and failed to produce a single try. Rochdale went down our end twice and scored twice. We seem to have no idea how to break down a committed defence. We need to brink in a hooker or half back pdq or we will be spending the second part of the season playing the likes of Oxford. Ah well, never liked Blackpool anyway!
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