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  1. Tried to get in the East stand on Sunday but it was full. Looking forward to new East Stand exciting times. Up the Trin
  2. Do we finish 2nd bottom often? Was SL funding rigged in our favour when we were promoted to SL? Up the Trin
  3. Great player for us wish him all the best, with Murphy coming through and playing well it softens the blow. Up the Trin
  4. Game went as I thought Wigan just too good and never looked like losing. Saw some improvements from the Salford game some things to build on for next week. Good crowd today hopefully no suspensions or injuries and onto next week. Up the Trin
  5. Can’t see it tomorrow, too much of a poor performance last week turn it around in a week. Hoping to see a reaction from last week, no injuries or suspensions. Up the Trin
  6. Was expecting typical Trinity no show performance after a couple of wins, but not that bad. We started well and probably thought it would be an easy day, Salford started to play and we didn’t know what to do. Salford played very well, we were terrible. That’s just the first 30 mins listening on radio had to turn off after that. We’re always capable of putting in a couple of performances like this every season. Up the Trin
  7. If we perform like we have in the last few months we have no chance, if we don’t then we have a chance. Up the Trin
  8. We haven’t completed a set of six yet, Gaskell off injured. Up the Trin
  9. Another bad performance, terrible game management. Sadly predictably not good enough. Up the Trin
  10. Wigan, Hull KR and Saints seemed to have turned out in decent numbers.
  11. What’s with the moaning Elland Road’s a decent stadium. Probably the easiest ground in the uk to get to, good atmosphere and although dated decent facilities if you’re in the east stand excellent facilities. Rugby League fans only happy when moaning.
  12. We do pay them prices every home match or £300 for a season ticket. If you want to sit down you can choose the east stand, you may have to pay extra for the east stand not too sure. Up the Trin
  13. Hopefully start to put in a performance again after our Easter slump, not expecting a win but I’m expecting a better performance than recent weeks. Up the Trin
  14. If it wasn’t for forward passes we’d still be in the game. Up the Trin
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