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  1. Wonder if we will see Craig Hall on the wing, with Holmes slotting in at FB?
  2. I have it third hand (from a dubious source) that this was a change to the original plan, and that SL had planned the most ambitious expansion plan ever. Until the Elon Musk 'SL Shuttle' crashed we were about to be the first sport to go inter planetary, by announcing the introduction of the first Martian side, with the plan to invite others from Venus and Uranus in coming seasons. Apparently some of those Martian backs are pretty 'wick' and would run rings round all but the best of our 'NRL Superbacks'. I think some on here need to get a grip .....
  3. Not obvious to me, you either apply the same rules to everyone, or not at all.
  4. Too many see it as the only driver.... just from observation. (Or should I say the only driver in West Yorkshire)
  5. But you still lose the argument on proximity been a driver. Either proximity matters.... or it doesn't
  6. Can someone, anyone, explain why there is so much derision around the possibility on 3 'WF' clubs being in SL, but most seem quite happy for the 3 northwest clubs, in close proximity to each other, being allocated 10 year licenses? Wigan St Helens Warrington (For those of you where geography isn't a strong point)
  7. Wouldn't know, I haven't live in Fev for over 45 years. Pennine League used to have 10 divisions, now down to 3 or 4 Leagues playing Saturdays and Sundays all over the heartlands, must now be down to 150 teams, at a guess. But what would I know, I am an ignorant northerner who's opinion, because it doesn't match yours, is not valid. All the greed from the last 25 years of super league has done is strangle the game and it's nearly too late.
  8. Well it's obviously working, those thousands of players, from those hundreds of teams ..... not
  9. Where are the players of the future coming from? The amateur / junior game is dying and all super league can think of is how can we maximise the fund of the elite clubs, to spend on oversea's superstars. Invest in the game in this country and that will benefit not only domestic rugby but GB too. Anyway, lets give it 20 years and see who's right.
  10. As daft as it sounds, you can probably name 30 former amateur and junior clubs from around the Wakefield / Fev / Cas area that are no longer around. The players for these clubs invariably used to go watch the pro games. The kids of these players used to want to emulate their dad's and play. It was all self perpetuating. This is happening throughout the 'heartlands'. The idiocy of all the expansionist codswallop has turned the flood of junior / amateur players to a trickle and in 20 years there wont be enough players of a reasonable quality to sustain super league, and then it will be too late.
  11. As from reading your posts, you believe firmly that there shouldn't be clusters of clubs, and where clubs do cluster, one should be the primary club with other teams being second teams or feeder clubs. In that case, which one of Saints, Wigan and Warrington is going to be the primary club, which the second team and which is just going to feed the other two?
  12. In the 50's and 60's there was little TV coverage, so you will find most record attendances for a club in those decades, although wakeys record attendance was in 1929. These were days when there was little attention paid to safety, hence Fev's record in 1959 of 17,500.
  13. Sorry Phil, never never land doesn't exist. As I said elsewhere, why not have the best 12 teams in the top league, then at the end of the season the 12th best and 13th best team swap places. A bit radical, but he ho.
  14. From an attendance figure you are probably looking at the fifties, maybe early sixties.
  15. But he saw that the 'Bums on seats' from traveling SL fans would help fund his 'Project'.
  16. Correct, just Argyle didn't expect the bottom to 'fall out' of the travel market. I guess he saw his expected profits down the pan due to the travel restrictions.
  17. Salford, Catalans, etc made an effort, TW just withdrew from the league. The 'lower leagues' were cancelled. Some wanted to play, so do you let the ones who wanted to play in, and the ones who didn't out?
  18. As a club they were expected to fulfill their fixtures, as all SL clubs did, or at least attempted. Some made an effort TW didn't bother.
  19. No, Toronto effectively withdrew from the league. If I pack my job in, I wouldn't expect my employers to set me on the next year
  20. This may seem rather radical, and I apologies for putting this forward, But what about, the top 12 teams in the competition are in the top division, and at the end of each season the 12th and 13th best teams change places? Or is that too radical?
  21. Not sure that GUBRATS advocates licencing, in fact probably the opposite. I would guess that it's more that a clubs fate should be decided on the field, and not by some 'vogue' decisions made 'for the good of the game'
  22. This ..... and in 20 years when there are no 'Junior' players coming through SLE will just be a 3rd division of the NRL
  23. Only if we add Barley Mow and Broughton Rangers
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