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  1. Davies Smith Moors. It was a toss up between Moors and Briscoe for third as Briscoe had an excellent game.
  2. Mac confirmed in the post match interview that Hall wasn't injured but he took the decision to take him off. Would be interesting to know if that was to try and protect him for future games, or whether there is something else we are not party to. Just seemed a strange thing to do after only 10 minutes. Jesse is doubtful for Monday with a calf injury. This means we are starting to look really short, not just for Monday, but for Leigh the following Monday.
  3. You are correct... according to Wikipedia.. Which, as we all know, doesn't prove anything conclusively
  4. You cant select your seat on the Featherstone site, just order a ticket and the club either send or put aside a ticket for collection.
  5. I think that is just a nominal figure added to allow you to order online. I you look you get exactly the same figure for Cat 2 and Cat 3 tickets. I believe that most tickets have been sold at the club shop.
  6. Saturday would be nice to win, the more important one will be 2 weeks on Monday, Leigh away, win that and that would put us in pole position for the play offs.
  7. Also, if Kheirallah isn't fit, then at least we have the second best full back in the championship as cover.
  8. Just an observation from Sunday. Koppy seemed to have an ice pack taped above the knee, which to me would indicate a bang rather than any ligament issues. He also seemed to be sharing a joke with another player, I took that to indicate that he wasn't in too much pain. Just my thoughts though.
  9. My thoughts are we are still some way off peaking, performance wise, intentionally so. I think in Macs mind, he has a time when he wants us to hit peak, and that is several months away. I think you may see Joey up his performance when as a team we are looking at peaking.
  10. You don't notice Kheirallah until he's gone off, then you notice others don't do what he does quite as well. Don't say Kheirallah is better than Bibb, just different. Bibby was an awesome and underrated FB.
  11. Conor Jones receives a 2 game ban that rules him out of the final. With Wildie also out is that advantage Leigh?
  12. Not sure Jones will play, I suspect playing Smith at hooker and give Ford the full game at stand off.
  13. Looks like Smith nailed on for hooker then... Ford to play this weekend to prepare for next week.
  14. When I ordered mine, they were to collect, and were ready when I went 3 days later..
  15. So, has anyone got tickets from the club yet? Where are the Cat2 and Cat3 tickets in the stadium?
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