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  1. Missing the game myself on Friday but will be hoping to listen in from my festival duties to the wonderful Tim Steere.
  2. RL Championship York City Knights v Dewsbury Rams live from Bootham Crescent from 2.45pm on BBC Radio York on 666 and 1260AM or online atwww.bbc.co.uk/rugbyleague. Important game for both sides today - should be a cracker... Join us for all the FULL match commentary as it happens
  3. ... and if OurLeague is too much of a faff, full match commentary on BBC Radio York from 7.15pm on www.bbc.co.uk/rugbyleague
  4. Anyone know where I might find Batley's squad of 19 for tonight's game - can't see 'owt on club website ?
  5. Allegedly he is part of a game of musical chairs. He goes out from KR to free up a quota place for Parcell and Leeds free up a quota place for Mr Next Marquee Signing.. and, it seems, his destination is Leigh.
  6. andyacko

    york today

    Kibula's work both in attack and chasing back to defend was excellent and I do like watching young Ashton.
  7. I wasn't sure Jack Smith was putting it on report - signal should be crossed arms. Sure he cupped his hands - maybe he'd caught an interesting butterfly ?
  8. Yeah, we spoke about James and how he is going at the mo. Always approachable and friendly is Karl.
  9. Wouldnt have altered the result and the best side on the day won, but did anyone notice that the pass to Briscoe for Fev's third try was three metres forward. Thought Locky had a great game for Fev. Ironic as Fordy was hopeful of getting him to York after his period missing from the game a couple of seasons ago. Good first thirty but a lack of attacking 'shape' made us easy to defend against. Had a good day otherwise, though I didnt 'pick' a winner all day - was rooting for Toulouse, Rochdale, Knights and the Bulls. Reet Jonah !! Best bit of the day, talking that the wonderful bloke Karl Harrison - 'Dont fancy the Rhinos job, Karl' ' Ha, the way they are playing I can probably still get a game at prop - havent got any middles have they ? Just get marched up the park !'
  10. Are you sure, Nige ? I seem to remember Liam being rather, shall we say, circumspect when thinking about taking the Knights line on in that game ?
  11. He'll be dictated to by the ref from the outset - same in footy 'Don't put your flag up, liner if I'm cutting grass'
  12. Couple of hundred.
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