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  1. No, mate, no switch of channels this week - it was a one-off.
  2. I dont really know the reason. Informed that it was going to happen and we did our best to give everyone the heads-up, on air, prior to, that it would. I'll have to check about this Sunday and let you know....
  3. .... and a Knights legend in the BBC RY summarisers seat on Sunday !
  4. Error count will be absolutely crucial on Sunday and both sides have been prone to a few this season. Fev have shrugged it off by simply outscoring opponents but hopefully our defence will be on song. No James Harrison for them and he'll be a miss and rumours JD will be left out. In some ways I hope so but love the way the bloke plays.
  5. Well, he'll be the best ref in the game on Sunday, Si. I'll give you that ! Actually I'm not sure I believe that as Warren Turley is on the line......
  6. We've been very lucky referee-wise this season, some good performances. Had a look at the appointments... Ah..
  7. BBC Radio York - Kieran Dixon, and when questioned about who stood out for him, Fordy mentioned Kieran.
  8. OurLeague is what it is, Si. It's great to be able to watch the games. It's a one camera job, sadly. Watched Thunder v Eagles and some of Fax v Toulouse and both weren't easy to watch though the commentary on Thunder made up for it . Bulls v Rams was a better watch, camera-wise even if the commentary was a bit one-eyed !! Talk of crowds back in some form after next week's games.....
  9. Interesting reading fans analysis of the game, and their thoughts on what changes week on week ( poor to title prospects etc etc ) but generally, listening to Fordy in interview ( with both BBCRY and The Press ), after the game gives superb insight into the whys, wherefores and what is.
  10. Did you notice Sheffield had been doing it too more or less throughout..?
  11. Meant to ask about Dean after the game but you could clearly see Brendan carrying that leg a bit late on. Aye, we're all amazing coaches and players with the benefit of hindsight.
  12. A number of observations re the above. It has been said in interview that the team are player-led this season, whatever you take that to be. Brendan O'Hagan played with a self-admitted 'tight' hamstring yesterday. It was said after the game that several players were 'off their game' yesterday and I can think of one or two who certainly weren't up their usual quality. If you make mistakes at this level it costs and we made too many in that first half and handed a decent Eagles side the platform for Thackers to run the game. I watched Fev/Swinton and Haven/Thunder and in, bot
  13. and Robbie Storey who is now in the French League with Carcassonne.
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