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  1. Anybody done any homework? Best flights etc?
  2. Plenty of builders with an interest in RL - 100 ton of sand shouldn't be a problem. Hire a few deckchairs. Tommo calling the bingo.
  3. https://t.co/yXO8HqT277 He's not coming either...
  4. Back row or centre, John. I agree about young Tom and he was telling me he loved his time at York but, as said, has to do what's right for him. Also holds Jubby up as something of a hero.
  5. Tom Inman told me he has accepted an offer from Halifax. Ryan King understood to be going there too.
  6. Toulouse away first, nailed on!
  7. The more I think about it, I'm sure I know where my money is....
  8. I think the timing of the announcement might be a pointer - four weeks?? Period of worked notice or end of the RLWC??
  9. Got tickets for Jamaica v Ireland, Fiji v Italy (so I can sing along to the Italian National anthem), Samoa v Greece, Wales v PNG, Tonga v Cook Islands, the Huddersfield QF which should feature the Aussies and the Ladies semi-finals. Telly will do for the rest. Can't wait..
  10. C'mon lads, keep up, I'm answering me own questions here - David Gillespie - severed his finger in a work accident prior to the Aussies coming over to us.
  11. 'You're just a team full of overseas players' doesn't sing quite as well as 'Team full of Aussies, you're just a team full of Aussies' 1980's we had Marketo, Willey, Martin, Carter, Pethybridge, Dreier and Windshuttle - albeit not all at the same time - and it should have included Phil Gould and another Aussie who went on to international honours but his name slips me but they got injured and didn't come over.
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