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  1. Jarrod Sammut's got a handy spear tackle ! ?
  2. Brad Hey was injured - groin strain. Oldham will be at Bower Fold, Stalybridge, as far as I know, not Whiteblank. Halifax's defence was superb today but have to agree that the half back partnership looks innocuous at the moment. I worry that confidence seems to be ebbing out of certain players. Very big week ahead for all the troops. Fordy will sort it.....
  3. Are you gonna tell him ? ?
  4. Stansted-Toulouse Friday-Sunday morning. Plenty of room in car to Stansted and back...
  5. Stansted - Toulouse Fri to Sun is cheap at the mo, John. Then there is Manchester - Carcassonne Fri to Mon....both Ryanair.. Anybody found owt else ?
  6. Anybody got anything booked yet ?
  7. Have to say, take nothing away from Fev and well done to them but Toulouse produced a really dumb performance for a playoff game. Two terrible last play options handed Fev crucial tries, one just as Toulouse looked like getting back on terms. That coupled with some really shoddy defending.... and how did Locky not get a nomination for Championship Player of the Year ?
  8. This one's not from this season, John.
  9. Good signing by Fev again - Ben Blackmore from Sheffield. And another ex York player bound for Hunslet in 2020.
  10. Must admit to having a little tear in my eye as James and John went up for the award. Thankfully I was at the other side of the room on the media table. ?? Managed to have a natter to Gary Thornton, Cedric Garcia from Toulouse and me old mate Tubby Aston and sat with one of my favourite commentators, BBC's Dave Woods. A couple of interviews from the night coming up on the BBC Radio York website soon hopefully..
  11. The radio scheduling and availability is an absolute 'mare too.....
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