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  1. My thoughts are we are still some way off peaking, performance wise, intentionally so. I think in Macs mind, he has a time when he wants us to hit peak, and that is several months away. I think you may see Joey up his performance when as a team we are looking at peaking.
  2. You don't notice Kheirallah until he's gone off, then you notice others don't do what he does quite as well. Don't say Kheirallah is better than Bibb, just different. Bibby was an awesome and underrated FB.
  3. Conor Jones receives a 2 game ban that rules him out of the final. With Wildie also out is that advantage Leigh?
  4. Not sure Jones will play, I suspect playing Smith at hooker and give Ford the full game at stand off.
  5. Looks like Smith nailed on for hooker then... Ford to play this weekend to prepare for next week.
  6. When I ordered mine, they were to collect, and were ready when I went 3 days later..
  7. So, has anyone got tickets from the club yet? Where are the Cat2 and Cat3 tickets in the stadium?
  8. So, are they going to let you and your near neighbours be together or are Fev going to be in with the Wigan fans? Last year Fev were in with Saints. don't think they wanted to stick the Fev and Cas fans together.
  9. I think Sheffield are better than people give them credit for. When they played at Fev in the league, Fev eventually won by 44-18, but early in the second half they got close. I think with all their home games to come, they will get into the playoff's and on todays display are not easily ruled out. I guess Leigh may have had an off day, but maybe part of that was down to how well Sheffield played.
  10. Having watched some of their game against Sheffield I'm didn't see anything that makes me think we can't win. They were even gifted a try, which took them into the lead, which was never a try.
  11. Suspect he meant with a camouflage shirt with tree's in the background.
  12. I think that we may need to find a way to divide the 'away' end in future. I don't know how many that end holds, but if the end we were in at York holds 900, it has to be more than that. If it's 1500 them that means we can only have 5500 home fans in. Good to see a big crowd expected. It would be nice to have a good atmosphere and keep building attendance, though I expect there will be some folk unhappy they can't sit where they normally do.
  13. The capacity was quoted as 7,000 in 2020 when Wakefield AFC announced as tennants. Capacity in 2020 If the club is promoted to SL the capacity can be increased by adding crash barriers on the terracing.
  14. But presumably you are comfortable having Saints, Wigan and Warrington, all 3 in a similar close proximity, in SL
  15. The point I was trying to make about our performance was we are still very hit and miss. So far we had only hit anything like the form we would expect on maybe 3 or 4 occasions. We looked good against Leigh and Barrow, okay at York, and probably we were better at Catalans than we think. Apart from that we have been more miss that hit, even the cup game at Batley the defence wasn't all it could have been. Now last nights game was one of those that is effected by the size of the pitch, really needs the RFL to invest and get their facilities up to scratch. You cant play an expansive game on a pitch where 6 passes take you from one touch to the other. I think that come the playoff's we will be spot on, as Mac always likes his teams to peak at the right time, but our expectations, as fans, are for so much more.
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