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  1. And the other 3 games that the 5 teams in the draw for the 1895 semi's played in the CC. So it's not 1 game but 4... Which is one more than super league teams will play to get to the CC final.
  2. Just watched the game through. I thought that the pack were excellent against a much bigger set. Ferres had his best game this season, and for me was our MOM, although I do agree that Moors was probably our best attacking forward. For the first time, we saw a glimmer of what we all expected of Joey. The 60 yard try proving that perhaps he isn't as 'unfit' as we think, and is just settling in. Not sure for either try, that Tomkins wanted any part of tackling him one on one. I think that all in all, we should be pleased with that and I feel far more upbeat as I don't think we have preformed well since the Leigh game.
  3. Batley are always at their best when their backs are against the wall... low on number's they were the Batley that we all know and respect.
  4. I hope he is... we could do with seeing what he can bring, if anything, to the team.
  5. I agree 100%, I wasn't sure when we signed Pickersgill, but he has consistently being one of our better players all season. Will one of them move onto the wing? But who would you drop, Briscoe... Gale... not sure what McDermott will do, but he sure has no shortage of options.
  6. Would have liked to have seen a rough house prop, as that is where we are short. Pickersgill has been good so far this season, if anything better than I thought he would be. Not sure how we are going to keep all the backs we have happy.
  7. Just seen the trylights on the main forum. Three very good tries and it seems like we possibly tired late on. As long as we haven't picked up any injuries, that will be a good confidence builder and then onwards in the league.
  8. How good was that offload by Junior Moors for the first try... And the Craig Hall ball strip and kick for Joeys first try... UTR
  9. Well, who would have thought that Fev would have run Cats so close, leading for a long time... and not only that, but Leigh run HKR to just 6 points. Think this just shows the credentials of the promotion candidates.
  10. Game now gone, but it sounds like Fev have had a really good dig. Cats 26 - 14 Rovers.. 6 mins left.
  11. Half time.. Rovers sound to have defended well and taken the chances that have come their way.
  12. Cats score in the corner, missing the conversion Cats 8 - 10 Rovers
  13. Rovers score again, Joey Leilua first try in Rovers colours. Converted 10 - 0
  14. Does it not just auto renew, until you cancel your subscription, mine does. If it does, its probably because your payment method is set up.
  15. I thought that 3700 seemed about right. I reckon that there was possibly 100/150 max from Fax, and the family stand did seem busy without being full.
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