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  1. They have been on my list since boxing day, I have not post it yet until I clarified some minor details last night, I will post it during the week.
  2. Here's hoping it fits him, a big unit.
  3. Burton 28, Nos 1 and 2 empty also 27, I'll confirm this over the weekend.
  4. We should get to know everything on Friday night and also the latest update.
  5. It's the only guaranteed form of transport apart from the car.
  6. RogerT

    Batley news

    If it's failed then all the levelling up brass will go to Dewsbury, new bus station, Huddersfield everything new, even Heckmondwike a new bus station. Batley a big fat ZERO.
  7. Anybody going down, I am it's my first trip to any of the London's games. Going with the Woodman gang.
  8. Where please there's no indication on facebook, website and probably not on twitter either, poor communications surely.
  9. Ordered mine and paid for.
  10. It didn't flatten my Bulldog Bitter, I didn't have a drink on Boxing Day so I can't speak for that, and it holds the head on my Guinness at home.
  11. It could also to do with outside drinking near the pitch, plastic instead of glass, even the bottle bar is plastic bottles, the only place with glass is the Ron Earnshaw Lounge.
  12. In the sports section on the Dewsbury Reporter website.
  13. Don't believe everything the BN say's.
  14. It's 22 days to the next friendly and all is quite on here, have we all hibernated.
  15. Wishing everybody a Happy New Year to you all whilst I'm still sober. To Frank I hope your headache isn't too bad, I would think it's about 6am new years day to you.
  16. Just reflecting on the friendlies to come, are they shared gates just like Boxing Day.
  17. It's not due to season ticket sales at all, they have not started selling them yet, please read Kevin's announcement, he only declared the prices at this announcement.
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