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  1. Are you going to bed early then.
  2. He he no a special occasion my youngest granddaughter's wedding.
  3. Yes thank you Distantdog, too much alcohol on Thursday night and a thick head yesterday.
  4. Anybody know the age of Elliot Kear and Oliver Burton?.
  5. At least he as got on the pitch, albeit as one of the water carriers.
  6. At a guess it's Halifax.
  7. So 6th of November it is then.
  8. No not unless he as signed on again with us, nothing declared yet.
  9. Great news about them re-signings.
  10. Don't know about that he will be 36 then.
  11. At last, the open secret is out lol.
  12. Just thinking about this seeing as the pairings for the Magic Weekend are out. Who do you think we will be paired with.
  13. Too much time at sea trying hard not to go into the bars, I will probably be off line tomorrow for a few days as we ate island hopping, but we will see.
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