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  1. Cheers all 16hours before landfall.
  2. Yes but it was bloody cold up there, when Manning did all that chasing back to try and stop that fast break away typified what the season was going to be like.
  3. I see you are all behaving yourselves.
  4. Thanks phildog I have enjoyed doing them over the years going forward I'm not sure yet wether I'm carrying on doing it.
  5. For me it was the TV game against York. The best moment was every time Batley won.
  6. On my way to the Canaries for the sun.
  7. Enjoy yourselves I'll look in now and again, see you all in January 2023.
  8. That happened with Day and Harrison, they even had them photographed in Fev shirts before the season ended.
  9. Let's see what happens, I fear we could be losing more.
  10. Are you telling us that Gilmore is going then?
  11. Good look Luke Hooley, here are his playing stats. Apps Tries Goals Points 32 21 5 94 2022 19 9 25 86 2021 4 0 3 6 2020 55 30 33 186 TOTALS.
  12. Why would he be loaned anywhere? He's good enough to start FB for the Rhinos I was only answering phildog.
  13. There will be no loan back to us, Batley never gets that lucky.
  14. No he was on a one year contract as are all the others apart from Reilly who is signed until the end of 2023.
  15. What was it then Phil.
  16. To me only spoilt by people who paid money for beer or whatever then throwing it all over people and the person who invaded the pitch and had the stewards hassling to get him out. Yes I enjoyed the game and yes the segregation of the fans made it more so, I bet it made a good picture on the telly, both ends full and one side fairly full.
  17. That's it for this season, it might be my last ever.
  18. Redditchbulldog as other things on his mind at the moment, and I don't know how he works it out, yes I know in his absence I and KTF have started the topic off. That might be a good idea though.
  19. One more to come, then that's it for this season.
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