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  1. Hanley doesn’t live in millom?
  2. I heard the same tonight with a town player going the other way don’t know how true that is
  3. Thought the ref had a good game. Wrt the 3 incidents you mentioned the commentators both agreed the first 2 incidents were penalties (can’t remember the 3rd). Thomson was involved in the tackle by putting a hand in the player prior to walker taking the ball which counts as 2 in the tackle.
  4. Dont think so, just not selected I believe
  5. Heard he wasn’t happy being left on the bench for a full game and it’s gone on from there
  6. Pez will be a big loss if not there
  7. Don’t see town as massive underdogs. Both teams with players missing and both in poor form. See this as a 50/50 and will be down to who performs on the day
  8. Heard Morgan escare is coming on loan
  9. I agree with the comment about Curtis in the centre. Looks handy in attack but doesn’t see enough of the ball on the wing
  10. Big commitment training 3 days a week and then playing Sunday and then throw in the travelling the hours soon add up. pleased he has given it a go anyway
  11. Heard a rumour that there could be some lads from Salford coming in on loan potentially in time for the Widnes game on Monday, anyone else heard that?
  12. Agree but as someone said before both contacts with the head were avoidable so yellow was the right decision however all high tackles are avoidable so by that rationale everyone should be a yellow. Just think that the amount of yellow cards is a bit disproportionate at present across both the SL and NRL and need to settle down a bit and accept that at times a penalty is sufficient
  13. Does that mean every high tackle from now on is an automatic sin bin? Is that the directive
  14. Not saying he didn’t make contact with the head but every contact doesn’t need to be a yellow card. Getting as bad as union
  15. The positivity from the increased coverage of the game is in danger of being overshadowed by over zealous referring and disproportionate suspensions
  16. Not a sin bin for me penalty would suffice. KR playing slipping at point of contact.
  17. Is he still involved in rugby league in any capacity?
  18. People just need to stick with the club and hope that they can win the games against the teams who will be around them at the bottom. If town stop up it will be a successful season. It was always going to be a hiding to nothing against teams like these when there has been no real strengthening of the playing staff
  19. No Sammut in the 17 guessing he’s injured?
  20. Seaton may shock a few as there is potential that they may pick up players from Maryport, distington, elbra etc as the quality of the CARLA league will reduce with them leaving and people may fancy a new challenge.
  21. What happened to lower league clubs having friendless with super league teams made up of some established first teamers and fringe players? This give supporters something different rather than playing friendlies against teams that are in the same league and a chance to potentially see some of the next generation of SL players
  22. Work crack was right on the Curtis teare rumour it seems
  23. Crack at work is deal done and signing for town but how true that is
  24. How does that work as there was no promotion/relegation last year?
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