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  1. Who else of last years squad has not been resigned at present
  2. Good to see a large amount of last years squad retained but think they need an injection of proven championship players to survive in what is a really tough league.
  3. Forster in opposite direction?
  4. Totally agree with you. Seems like you can be some sort of hero if you go training. That’s a general observation and not just aimed at those 3.
  5. Barrow are still a potentially attractive option for those locals who are up the coast. Less travelling, probably bigger crowds and will be as competitive as the town if not better. Plus there is no guarantee that all of those at haven will make the squad for next year with the step up in class.
  6. Really hope you stay up but the championship is a really tough league to play in. You will have some difficult decisions to make this off season wrt to squad selection. There will be the loyalty you want to show to the lads who got you promoted but are they really good enough for that league? Barrow who arguably have a better squad have really struggled to compete and I read the speculation that you want to sign some of there lads who have struggled to perform in the championship this season
  7. My response was to only going with 14 players. You knew you had to go to Toronto so you just have to get on with it and take it for what it is.
  8. Happens most weekends in amateur rugby with potentially weaker teams not going with a full 17 and they just have to get on with it
  9. Crossfields game v askam is off. Hope askam pull together and get some numbers back available
  10. Irrespective of goal kicking should not throw a 16 point lead away and lose the second half 30-4. Not good enough
  11. Not a hooker as Blaine marwood is the hooker for them. Think he plays either prop or second row not sure which is his preferred position.
  12. I think it is a lad called Banham ( not sure of his first name) who plays for barrow island and represented the county last season.
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