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  1. What time is kick off? cheers
  2. Agree it’s nice to see local lads getting a chance. Have the Cumbrian pro clubs got a plan on how they are going to help the local amateur clubs develop as there isn’t a bottom less pit of players out there? My local club now has 10 players signed on for the Cumbrian clubs ( I’m guessing some other may have more) and the support it gets is non existent
  3. wiganlad

    2020 Squad

    When does the Hanley Dawson signing get announced?
  4. How did they get on today?
  5. What’s the admission prices for friendlies? I am presuming it will be cheaper than league matches but could be wrong
  6. wiganlad

    2020 Squad

    What’s your thoughts on the strength of your own squad wrt automatic promotion?
  7. Will be interesting to see how he goes. Is he bringing any new players with him and are the lads from the south of the county playing again?
  8. Agree how many of the team would have been eligible for England and would of been playing if it was England
  9. Not disagreeing with the points about the tactics etc but he won’t have said to them drop the ball, pass the ball into touch miss tackles etc. That is down to the players themselves. Players should be able to generate their own passion they are playing for a rep shirt
  10. Yeah those big name players in those championship clubs will be demanding pay rises!
  11. Agree but he can’t be blamed for people who can’t catch, have no passion, poor skill levels and who we as supporters rave about during the season (hodgson graham Lomax ) to name a few
  12. That’s a worry if that’s the case as the championship seems to get stronger each year. Hope the fans stick with them
  13. Maybe want to ask barrows advice on this. Signed hock who fought in a charity boxing match, hurt his shoulder and never played a game for them
  14. Inspired or desperate signing?
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