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  1. All season I've thought that Hullfan was just a troll but it turns out he's bang on the money.
  2. I don't know whether he's a fan of all his work but I suspect he likes at least 4 C Orff pieces.
  3. The first time I went to Ealing Trailfinders they didn't have a turnstile but they have now, so even London Broncos have no use for him.
  4. Is there ever a better option than an Allan Rooney commentary
  5. I reckon someone on secondment from the RFL came up with the new format for the long jump.
  6. Yes, not one person has put the P in Tomkins on this thread. What is the world coming too.
  7. London Broncos v York the the tie of the round?
  8. It's time to say bye for now to this thread. See you next February.
  9. The Richard Gasquet defence. He got away with it in tennis I think.
  10. That's you and me both then. On topic I really like Naulago and he should be very marketable for both FC and the whole game.
  11. But he's a winger and they are ten a penny. So what if they create excitement and get people talking about the sport - halves and forwards win games and anyone who thinks differently clearly knows nothing.
  12. Mine was great for the first half but terrible in the second. It seems Toulouse waited for me to give up before they started playing.
  13. My stream has gone off along with Lloyd White. Just as well really my blood pressure was rising with every handling error, let alone White's antics.
  14. Good well considered first post. Well done.
  15. I can't be bothered checking but isn't this about the fourth time that an early season thread has asked if Saints can go unbeaten? I think the others might have at least waited until they had won three or four games.
  16. Nicely back on topic Spidey and I would have been disappointed if any Chemics fan said different.
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