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  1. Cresta said on interview both went well
  2. No doubt it will be a tough game but I’m sure the lads will give it their best shot. Gutted that Forster has gone for the season but have to respect the decision the club have made. Stack also playing in pain,both total warriors those two.
  3. I noticed for Sammut try,quite a few Bulls players with no urgency to get back and help their teammates.
  4. I have to say,that first try yesterday was spectacular. Gotta be try of the week that!
  5. Back to planet Earth. 6 games left and only two at home,it’s a tough run in. We have points in bag though and top 6 would be brilliant. Onwards and upwards! Up the Shipbuilders
  6. Fev n Batley fans starting to poop in their pants!
  7. Decent bet that I would say
  8. Class that from the Bulls fans,travelling up the night before and asking for the Raiders marquee to open up for a few beers. Hope they enjoy tonight and the game tomorrow,but not too much
  9. I wonder if the Bulls fans still travel in numbers? Good game in prospect
  10. Amazing comeback,well done Raiders
  11. Let’s face it Donald some Haven fans didn’t shower themselves in glory at this game. The Haven club need to do something about these so called fans,dragging their good name through the mud in my opinion. All fan bases have some berks but the drink throwing was not an isolated incident. As I mentioned earlier in the thread the Haven fans offered really good support first half,but when the Raiders started to take control their Jekyl to Mr Hyde came out. They obviously take defeat very badly which is not the sign of a true fan!
  12. Superb achievement,well done all at the Raiders
  13. This will be the start of quite a few tough games for the Raiders.
  14. A healthy 5 point gap now and points difference to boot. Well done the Raiders
  15. Recovering from a torn bicep I believe,he’s had a bit of bad luck since he signed but looks a class act to me when he has played
  16. I thought that we were going to blow them away after the first 5 mins as we shot into the 10 nil lead. Haven dug in a little,buoyed by some good support from the Hindpool road end and went toe to toe with us for the rest of the first half,there was a definite knock on in the lead up to their only try of the game. Second half was a different story as we ran riot through the middle and the right hand side where Singleton was defending,Costello had a field day. Costello was deffo MOM today and showed his quality,I’m not convinced he is the answer for us though as he was quite easily pushed aside v Fax. Very disappointed in the Haven supporters in the second half,they went very quiet for the first 20mins of the second half and for the second 20mins proceeded to abuse the Raiders players every time they reset after our tries and feed the seagulls,I’m guessing they were bored. Cannot really blame them to be honest,only ex Raiders players Walker and Dawson came out with any credit from I saw. Some of the so called fans and officials from that club need a look in the mirror in the morning,it was embarrasssing. Up the Raiders
  17. Great game and crowd in prospect for Sunday. I don’t think it will be as easy as when we took them apart earlier in the season at their place.
  18. Cracking result that and have definitely bounced back from Monday’s short turnaround. Well done Lads
  19. I’m a little unsure how you get to the fact that he was play acting,it was quite clear he took at least a couple blows to the head from what I saw on the replay if not more. When it calmed down he took himself away from the situation and had a sit down to get some treatment. I’m more concerned about his poor tackling technique,he looks a bit of a “grabber” to me and easily fended off. It was a Fax penalty because it was quite clearly a high tackle,why the referee never blew the whistle sooner and gave that decision is unknown to me.If he did it may have stopped two reds and a yellow card being shown. Easy to say in hindsight though and we all make mistakes.
  20. Quality side are Fax,I enjoyed watching them tonight to be honest. Blew us away quite easily but like has been said already,we are not in a bad place
  21. Yeah,as we knew there are no easy games in the Championship. I think opposing teams can apply little old Barrow Raiders to that now.
  22. It’s nice you are coming with confidence and so you should with those stats
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