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  1. Yes I know that,my point is there will be some amateur clubs with a long history of Challenge Cup exploits who will decide to give it a miss because of the early start,which will be a real shame both for the clubs & the competition.
  2. And of those some will decline due to the early start.
  3. I think the Jan 15/16 start will see some community clubs not entering.
  4. York were poor last year after spending big on ex Superleague players.
  5. Young quality international amateurs are giving up a lot to sign semipro,Town were willing to pay those demands,Haven weren’t,we’ll see over the next 2 yrs who’s right,maybe we don’t think centre is a priority,FWIW I think Haven have missed out with Taylor reaching veteran stage & a bit of an unknown with the Aussie centre.
  6. Not sure but given the dearth of big,physical British centres,I wouldn’t be surprised,I think Town have probably paid somewhere near to what he was asking for which is reasonable given the lad would be a cert for the community Lions for the next 10 yrs.
  7. You do realise that 3G pitches are only suitable for hockey. Multisport pitches are now 5G but even those aren’t great for playing RL on.
  8. As a Brow fan I can safely say all those are a load of bo##ocks,I believe he has talked to Haven but for reasons we can only speculate on he’s chosen Town & you’ve got a cracking player who has size,strength,pace & a bit of nastiness that not many centre’s possess & he still has improvements in him.
  9. Young might be playing in the World Cup but I doubt it will be with England.
  10. First Ben Flower,now Tomkins,2 great signings
  11. People are critical of them for not having enough French players,they sign French players now people are critical of their lack of big signings 3 weeks after the end of the season.
  12. Those same County games that always seem to clash with the NCL playoffs
  13. No but you’ll need a flying device to get past the tractors,caravans & lost tourists on the A66 from Easter until Sept.
  14. To be fair,with the squad Leneghan & Radlinski gave him it probably is.
  15. Literally no one is saying they are a vision of the future,you’ve made that up,but it is a well used rod to beat clubs outside of the M62 with,remember the Toronto “saviours” of the sport used only by detractors .
  16. I guess those clubs won’t be entering the Challenge Cup in case they get an away tie in London or god forbid the Navy down in Portsmouth,the same away ties my“amateur” club have taken part in.
  17. But the costs of 2 or 3 trips to Cumbria is,maybe the L1 clubs should implement a Cumbrian quota.
  18. Posters & clubs whinging about 1 trip to Cornwall,let’s hope the 3 Cumbrian clubs don’t get relegated or we’d get open revolt.& protest marches along the M62.
  19. We should be doing more to bring fatigue back into the game to encourage the smaller more skilful players,the abuse of the HIA is bad enough but going to 20 min quarters will in my opinion kill of those few skilled players we have. You could always try catheterisation,I hear it’s relatively painless and it might keep you warm during those early season games
  20. With all that arm waving & head clutching he does you’d think he’d have bigger guns.
  21. Or maybe employ stewards who can actually do the job properly,identify the few idiots & ban them from the ground.
  22. So you’ve established it’s too hard for you to bother attending any games,anything else to add ?
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