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  1. The size of that logo is ridiculous & totally ruin’s the shirt.
  2. Really nice,brings back memories of that great Challenge Cup run & the quarter final at Knowsley Rd.
  3. The NSW shirts over the last few years have been pretty good although spoiled somewhat by the oversized & ugly Brydens logo but this new one is pretty poor & still has an oversized & ugly sponsor’s logo.
  4. One was a big enough draw for 24k fans just a few weeks ago.
  5. Struggled with injuries last season but hopefully for you he’s over them and as we’ve seen it’s often the unheralded imports that have a big impact.
  6. The Dolphins have signed England born forward Elijah Rasmussen,the 17 yr old prop moved to NZ when he was a young boy & has represented the Māori Union side,he’s expected to play U19/Qld Cup in 2023.
  7. Reports in Sydney that Wakefield have signed former Bulldogs forward Renouf Atoni on a 1 yr deal. Atoni moved to the Roosters last season but failed to register a first grade appearance & the club have released him from his contract to take up Wakefield’s offer.
  8. The players have,some backroom staff haven’t yet though.
  9. You’d think at 33 & coming back from serious injury Aekins will be the starting fullback.
  10. Surely he can see his social media posts are attracting these reactions which in turn are quite clearly drowning the positive news coming out of the club.
  11. He’s still a solid fullback especially defensively but lacks the pace these days to be an effective top level winger. Not being able to retain Aekins with his pace & link play leaves a big hole in that back line.
  12. At fullback maybe but at centre I’ve never really been convinced.
  13. Yeah Watkins was awful in the semi For me the weakness in the team was a lack of threat from dummy half & a lack of impact off the bench to capitalise on the platform Burgess & Hill gave the team in their opening spells.
  14. Featherstone have confirmed the signing of Caleb Aekins.
  15. And 2 backs who have hardly set the world alight at Test level would have added more than a pack containing the 3 Burgess brothers & Walmsley,give over.
  16. A proper Cas shirt that should see it easily outsell the other 2.
  17. No you repeat it because it fits your agenda & giving any credit to one of those “foreign” interlopers doesn’t.
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