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  1. This was on sky with a video ref, the play was stopped. If you think my post is embarrassing you've got a low threshold.
  2. At the time I couldn't believe he wasn’t given a card red or yellow never mind no penalty. It makes me wonder how players who pick up band over 2 games aren't red carded.
  3. Heck of a gamble by Powell and Cas, if it pays off he can see out his tenure in peace, lose and it will come tumbling down on him with calls for his head. Like Toppy says if Saints get an early lead it will be one way traffic, Cas battle, disrupt and play the game of the season (like Warrington 2 years ago) could go either way.
  4. Best celebration, saw it live on tv first time I thought he had decked a warrior's player even commentators were fooled. Closest to that was Nathan wood at Warrington running through the concourse and coming out at a different point.
  5. Didn't know you are fully upto date with the educational standards of all Salford players.
  6. Took my Crosfield under 13s across 26 years ago, they were brilliant treated like royalty. Two games on the stadium one before a carcassonne game. A proper rugby league town.
  7. Fair point but its not Warrington who have been found guilty of SC breaches.
  8. When Hardaker and Bateman return they will be stronger moving hastings back to halfback improves them, they won't be bottom half and will still be in the mix at the end.
  9. Ultimately if cas win the Cup it will have been worth it fine or no fine. Lose and it wouldn't have been worth it.
  10. I think even off one image and the injuries that occurred you can see that it is an illegal play whether accidental or otherwise. With a hand-off there is always a risk the defenders could suffer injury be that a broken nose or in the mouth area but this player was not using an open hand at least so of the time.
  11. Remember the 70's and we never kicked deep all kick offs were contested and as a prop you lined up on the 40 metre line and you knew the kick would be lofted high above your head with your opponent's rushing for you.
  12. Hicks both monaghans, king, Waterhouse, both andersons, hodgson,BMM, Akualo,
  13. Leigh did it with the sprinter Mcdonald bailey I believe in the 50s or 60s
  14. Wants guaranteed centre spot which Warrington can't give, with king and mata'utia first choice.
  15. Good signing and good luck to him he's been entertaining on and off the pitch.
  16. Ive read if you bring your parents with you can get in free.
  17. Use to be the regional bus company name in the 70s before changing to Greater Manchester Transport and eventually split into First group and Stagecoach.
  18. Don’t think Warrington would forfeit any game, last season 7 players had to isolate so they played the kids.
  19. Just thought this was a golden age of fullbacks, didn't think there. Would be a need to try unproven 18 years old.
  20. One certain poster tells us there has never been so many top class fullbacks and the SL doesn't have one to compete with them, so are they all from overseas or NSW.
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