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  1. I hope not, always a bit cringe for a club game - are they going to sing GSTQ as well?
  2. Is next year Warrington’s year then? I’d got them down for 2025 but the pandemic makes time fly.
  3. the other rule of thumb between the two sports is if your mate had been a Salford RLFC fan and given up his season ticket then Salford would have almost certainly been a season ticket holder down. Whereas, when he gave up his season ticket at Everton, there's a waiting list of people queueing up to have it off him. In fact (genuine question) is there a single Super League club that's at its ceiling on season tickets (i.e. doesn't just sell them to as many people as want them)? I would guess not.
  4. this is one of the two sane options - you either refuse to go up, or you go up, run on a shoestring, expect to go down but have fun doing it and bank the difference. In RU everyone forgets that London Welsh actually went up twice to the Premiership in three seasons. The first time they actually had fun, won some matches, and were in with a shout of staying up; it was the second time, when some people had delusions of a divine right to be there, that they lost every match.
  5. One day someone will write the article that needs to be written abut the end of Oxford RL. I'm not naive, there were flaws with what they were trying to do and how they were trying to do it, but that was a good board (with senior RL experience), with money, and (seemingly without anyone registering it) they pulled the plug for political as much as financial reasons. IMO the Oxford debacle gets written off too easily as 'expansion club goes pop, like everyone always expected' whereas it was (IMO) more like 'expansion club owners take their ball home after losing faith in the future of the sport' The message still hasn't got through I don't think. One day....
  6. If I could be bothered I'd do a search and work out how many times you've proposed this now on threads but I suspect it's into double figures now over the years - what's the personal attraction of it by the way? - so here's my also traditional reply... The answer is *still* no, just as it was last year, the year before, etc. Oxford are gone, Scorpions are West Wales Raiders - so that's two out to start with. It also betrays a misunderstanding of what RL is down here outside a few very dedicated amateur clubs and the L1 sides - basically a bit of fluff throwaround for a mix of die hard fanatics and RU players out of season. The really committed amateur sides work wonders on a shoestring (and we all know who they are), but you can't just wave a wand and turn points on a map, or current semi pro clubs into really committed amateur sides - it's not what many of them put their hands in their pockets for, or play for. A national League 1 validated/s the Southern semi pro sides, who *want* to play 'proper' RL clubs, and whose fans want to see the same. In my previous posts on this subject to you I've said that the quickest way to kill the southern semi-pro clubs would be to put them in a southern league. I was, I'll admit wrong, because the quickest way as it turns out is actually to just cut all their central funding. But your alternative will still kill them. Bluntly, cutting all the funding to League 1 is the stupidest way of handling southern rugby league I can think of, and a League 1 South is the second stupidest. Given the choice of either I would bet most people would still walk away (fans, players, backers, volunteers). You'll get the die hards, but you always get the die hards.
  7. I think (and this is not cross-code) that a look at level three of the RFU pyramid might be instructive... it's actually less steep now because of similarly savage cuts at level 2, but the central finance drop between level 2 and 3 at relegation was £500k per annum down to £25k per annum. Level three is now basically zero central funding because you forfeit the 'travel contributions' which was all that was left of the old central funding if you don't stick within a ludicrous salary cap that means you can't attract any players. So no one sticks to it. On the other hand, level 3 is 16 teams distributed from the Wirral and Darlington down to Plymouth and Tonbridge. It can be done (thought one of the 16 teams has withdrawn this season) with a lot of goodwill, a lot of volunteers, and the sort of structure where only the DoR (if even them) is full time in the entire club. Oh, and each club fundraises like it has never fundraised before. It's a completely different mindset when the taps are turned off, but it doesn't have to be death. Basically you lay off pretty much everyone and have a lot of tombolas, while bringing in youngsters on pay per play. There are teams at level three who charge their first team players the same annual membership as the fans*... Or you fold. However, given this is RL not RU, and the amounts of money sitting around to be raised might be different in some areas, better to just make central funding more equitable across the picture. *actually I'm pretty sure Richmond do that at level 2
  8. yes, but how big's your marketing team? If, as I expect, that person they're looking for is going to be the comms and marketing 'team'* then for £30k you're pretty much setting yourself up for someone who's either a fan, or going to be out of their depth. There's always the third option - someone who wants to use it as a stepping stone in sports marketing, but unless they're a miracle worker Salford isn't going to look great on their CV... On the other hand, someone keen enough to be a one man band for £30k who *does* then work miracles is exactly what Salford need, so maybe you can't fault their honesty. *which I suspect because if they are paying multiple other people more and less than that to be the rest of the team then what on earth have the team been doing....?
  9. Just on this bit, 'if' is doing a lot of heavy lifting there to be handing over full control and ownership...
  10. He's an events man. Without going cross code the lunacy proposed yesterday (World 12s) is exactly what he could make work for RL. But he's 24 hours late.
  11. I'd missed they were going to train at RP - can't imagine that is going to be remotely cheap... That club is exceptionally good at sweating its commercial opportunities. I can see Richmond doing a better deal, given that the sharing situation with London Scottish is all over the place, but *both* is madness.
  12. I think you’re missing the few at each club on silly money. £60-70k average is about right when some are on £200k-300k-400k (plus). Others (in the same squad) are on £35k…
  13. Same in RU and cricket (and any other UK sport unless you're really at the top) - it's really only football where you can expect to get set up for life. And cricket you don't get quite so many bumps and bruises. Isn't the average prem RU salary something like £60k? You've got stars earning more than that, many earning less, and a persistent problem of giving young lads £60k per year, which they then blow and come out at 32 with not much. Obviously it would be good if that changed (I suppose), but it's a brave person that would think that RL is going to manage it when no other sport does/can. I sometimes think we have to be careful what dream we're selling. No sport in England outside football sets *most* of its top flight players up for life. For many, it's still 'go and run a pub.'* *though I suppose I should note, and I just don't know what it's like in RL, but in RU and cricket there are still enough managing to get decent degrees from decent universities while playing that they have more options when their career ends, but only the wise ones (and I reckon that's a minority) have a great deal of funds.
  14. No, Bees. Birmingham & Solihull RFC is out by the M42 junction, Moseley FC(RU) are on the border of Moseley and Yardley Wood.
  15. An English structure set in stone for at least 10 years without messing about with it every 10 minutes, regular internationals and the NRL brought to heel?
  16. How much will Wire pay to keep him away?
  17. At the moment the list of serious sports is long - pretty well everyone's bending over backwards to keep the show on the road from archery to yachting (can't think of a z). If Broncos are a bin fire, then RL as a sport at the moment is a whole smouldering landfill site.
  18. I'm hanging on by my fingernails. As I said last week - I'm non-heartlands and I chose RL. I can very easily choose not-RL if it goes on like this. The NRL have got too much power, the RFL has got too little money, the Super League clubs have got too much power, both the Northern and Southern hemisphere set ups are (in different ways) prisoners of geography, self interest rules at every turn, clubs below SuperLeague are staring down the barrel of an uncertain future, it's too focused on the M62. If we're not careful it's going to end up being a regional curiosity like Aunt Sally is in Oxfordshire or Northamptonshire Skittles - very important to those on the spot, pages of coverage in the local paper, passed by by the rest of the world Everything since the early 1990s has been a litany of passed bucks, missed chances, squandered opportunities, and failed initiatives. At an admin level in the UK, the sport has got the attention span of a mayfly with ADHD - tearing up the structure every couple of years on the basis of 'if we don't change things all the time, how will we know if anything works?' No confidence in the product, the heritage or the future. Meanwhile down in the southern hemisphere the only people on earth who are so parochial that they make Red Hall look dangerously progressive are seemingly happy to milk their local sport for local people (though played by people they've hoovered up from the islands), and as long as they can dress up their glorified county cup as the pinnacle they're really happy thanks and sod the rest of the world. Small-minded men with small-time ideas and wallets big enough to back them. What an absolute joke. It would be funnier on the outside looking in than it feels on the inside. I'm sitting here typing this in an Oxford RL polo shirt - there's a whole other story. I'm going to go and watch Trin demolish Wigan in 2016 on YouTube.
  19. Absolutely. Incidentally, if you want to see something truly mindblowing in a 'it couldn't happen now thank God' way if you look on youtube there's footage of Charlie Williams (I'm a bit of a fan) playing live to a white audience in 1970s Rhodesia... Real 'watch through your fingers' stuff as he has to tell about 20 cracks against himself just to break the ice. And presumably (because they were there) they were the 'liberals'
  20. Having not been there (and also not being Gill so can't know what was in his head) but I do have a 50+ year old black relative, that's either all fine and let's have a laugh together or it's shades of Charlie Williams dealing with hecklers. Frankly these days it would be cringeworthy both that someone should shout that, and secondly that they would get that response. The 50 year old black relative is relevant because he once told me he was f'ing tired of having to do that to survive in the workplace. But most people wouldn't know that because he dressed it up as having a sense of humour and not minding too much.
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