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  1. To be honest I don't see what the issue is. He was criticised for making similar comments before last season and people were saying he clearly wasn't committed. He was one of our best players so clearly he was committed then and I don't see any reason to think that it won't be the same again this season. It's not like Wigan don't know where they stand. He wants to play in the NRL and is desperate for a chance so why not make it clear? It's not disrespectful it's just reality. If an NRL club made an offer he wouldn't be at Wigan. They didn't. So he decided that he'd stay at Wigan and Wigan
  2. I saw a few viral posts on social media not long ago about how suicide was on the increase due to lockdown, which turned out to be false. Obviously the people who shared it had good intentions and it was entirely believable, but it simply wasn't the case. One thing that occurred to me is that in the crazy world we're currently living in people may actually suffer more once things start to get back to normality. I think one of the worst things that people can do is compare themselves to others. At present a lot of people are really suffering - but the reason it may not have caused a signif
  3. If Robert Elstone is considered too expensive then Hearn is a non-starter. I can't see him taking such a job for cheap. You'd also have to weigh up the cost of his salary against any potential commercial gains he might bring. That's before you consider whether he'd be the appropriate person to take such a job. I honestly think at this point Super League's only hope lies with the NRL. It seems to be much better placed to grab international media attention and piggy-backing off that could be the only chance Super League has of getting close to a top 5 sport in this country. The bigger the N
  4. No doubt people will see this as good news (and it's hard to argue against that) but unfortunately it just provides more uncertainty. We don't seem to have a TV deal agreed yet so who takes over the negotiations? The expense for Elstone's role was hard to justify in the current climate, but at the time it was created change was necessary to progress the game and that wasn't coming from the RFL. If SL and the RFL reunite the game will need strong leadership and we've already seen how that is seriously lacking within the current RFL administration. I can't see much support among SL clu
  5. Great signing for Newcastle. They're building a decent team with some experience and a good deal of promising young players too. Ta'ai always seemed like a good player at the Giants. He should have plenty to offer a Championship side, particularly one with some talented young forwards. I always pick a Championship team to follow, usually based on the Wigan connections, which has been Swinton for the last few years but Newcastle are probably the one for me this year. This season they've got Denis Betts as Director of Rugby, Eamon O'Carroll as head coach, Joe Shorrocks, Josh Woods, Sam
  6. The story said he's 'on the verge of selling'. You then said you believe he's already sold it. Now you're saying it's a binding agreement to sell which means the club is already sold. These details you keep adding surely would have been in the story to begin with? Doesn't make it any less newsworthy.
  7. If it's not been fully implemented then it hasn't been sold. You suggested above that the club has already been sold, now you're saying there 'may' be a binding agreement to sell. Sounds a bit like backtracking to me.
  8. Companies House would have evidence of a sale wouldn't it? Danson buying a stake in Lenagan investments was on there. The appointment of Darryl Eales was on there. Surely the sale of the company will either have shown up on there already or do so in the next few days?
  9. Wonder where that story came from then. Well, it was written by Martyn Sadler, but what prompted him is the question. And why write under a pseudonym?
  10. This is why there's literally nothing surprising about Elstone wanting to prevent the leaks. Even more so when you consider the League Express is overwhelmingly negative towards Elstone and Super League. Case in point being the private equity story that buried the biggest news (an expected rise in TV rights money) right at the bottom of the article. Can't be be seen to make too much fuss about a positive when they were so gleeful when reporting the rights would be significantly lower.
  11. I think the crowds have declined for a few reasons. It's partly because of Wigan having an ageing fan base and ageing population of the town. Eventually older fans will either stop attending because they are less able to or sadly they pass away. It stands to reason if there are more 80 year olds than 18 year olds watching each year then the crowds will start to decline. Wigan also have probably taken their eye off the ball in terms of engaging with younger fans and improving the match day experience. Sadly these days there's no atmosphere. Even local games have no big match atmosphere. On
  12. Not sure you could read too much into where the scholarship players come from based on a year or even just a few years. There was a time when Wigan just seemed to sign about 10 players from St Pats and St Jude's each season and that was the scholarship done. I think there's a reasonable argument that was more a relationship of convenience between Wigan and the amateur clubs than a sign that those clubs were necessarily any better at developing young players. Particularly when you read about players who played for St Pats but actually started at another amateur side. When Josh Charnley signed f
  13. The process has ended up choosing the club that looks the best placed to compete in Super League next year given the short notice and the probably the best placed to cope with any covid-related issues as Derek Beaumont has presumably said he'll foot the bill. They should also boost the attendances of local teams with away followings and benefit from good away followings themselves in what is a difficult time for clubs financially. It's a sensible decision, if that's all that the criteria was. The problem is they built it up to be more than that. The report into Toronto certainly didn't he
  14. In fairness to Bradford they will surely be able to put in one of the strongest bids based on the criteria. It's just that the criteria seems to be more than just a little bit contrived to make it so that Bradford could apply (since when has top 6 ever been a relevant finish in the Championship? No insolvency event since Jan 2018? Only going back 3 years for insolvency events is embarrassing). It's also the report that Elstone commissioned into Toronto that makes the whole process come across as farcical. Particularly when that report focused on the 'crowded' market in Toronto and the lac
  15. He only signed a 1 year deal ahead of this season and so needed to play well to earn himself another one. Unfortunately he was a clear 3rd choice behind Marshall (our best winger before he got injured) and Manfredi when the decision on whether to renew his contract was made. To be fair, from Wigan's point of view he wasn't exactly in great form before this season either. He's been quite a frustrating player. Sometimes he looked a shadow of the player he was before he went to the NRL, then he would look like he was getting back into form but he could be so inconsistent. Unfortunately we no
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