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  1. These two semis didn't do a great deal for me. Some nice tries aside, they were totally predictable and lacking tension. I turned the comms down as well, as Newsum and co. are tiresome and staid. That being said, the two standout teams are now in the showpiece. It could be a really good one.
  2. A bit high over the shoulder on the ground, but a soccer player would be proud of that grab at the face to sell it. Madden puts the FG over after the penalty.
  3. Canterbury's execution in good ball has been really lacking. Canberra's scramble has been committed.
  4. Rapana sticks out his right leg. That should be a yellow card to Rapana.
  5. Hudson Young back to back after the Green Machine show back-bone under the strain of repeated sets from the Doggies. Young Weekes carving up the middle for the try that puts Canberra back in front. He looks really assured and classy. Awesome sight as he scythed through!
  6. I love Kiraz's footwork. Knock-on off the steepling Burton bomb puts the Doggies back on attack. The Raiders will be happy enough to still be in it after being two men down.
  7. Damn, that's a bad one with Papalii jumping and landing on Kikau's leg. Kikau in agony. That is such a reckless, uncontrolled tackle from the big middle. I think when it's as clear as that that there is a real argument for a send-off. Lower legs can be really damaged.
  8. Hi Graham! Magic Round is fun! 1. Name the 8 winning teams (a drawn game after extra time counts as a win for both teams for the sake of our comp) RAIDERS, BRONCOS, KNIGHTS, ROOSTERS, COWBOYS, PANTHERS, STORM, DOLPHINS 2. How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R11? (Used as tie breaker for Champion Tipster title is more than one top scorers) 368 points 3. How many HOME wins will there be in the round? When a game is played on the road the first team is taken as the home team. 2 home wins 4. Poll: Which game will produce the biggest upset? (Based on the team's ladder places before the round starts) Enter in your post and also at the top of the topic. Upset of the round: Sharkies v Chooks Good luck to all!
  9. Good luck to both sides. Hoping for a good game.
  10. That's a good post, but you give the defender too much leeway. Once they play at the ball, the laws should apply to them.
  11. BBC doing barebones coverage, much as I expected. I much preferred the enthusiasm and vibrancy that C4 brought. It just felt more cheery, hopeful, and outgoing in tone and presentation. I hope the money makes up for the Beeb dreariness. I haven't watched one game on there, when Sky also have them.
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