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  1. I think Turuva announced himself today as an emerging star. Up there as best on ground, although I would have given the MOTM to the outstanding Kyle Laybutt. Laybutt and Lam partnered beautifully in controlling that game. Add in the physicality and rawness of their play and you have a football team that is wonderfully fun and exciting to watch. This is the most I have enjoyed an international in several years - probably since PNG ran over the top of GB a few years ago. This game is a lovely example of what the Kumuls have to offer to RL, and can sit alongside that famous victory over the Lions. Something extra special about that bright yellow and red, and the ferocity that they bring to bear. A wonderful close to an absorbing and hugely enjoyable test match Saturday! Bring on the World Cup!
  2. What an awesome advert for RL and for PNG! Skill, control, passion, physicality Beautiful to see Mead signing off with a game-clinching try.
  3. Incredibly impressive how Laybutt is consistently targeting Kikau and wrapping him up. Yei, Olam, Turuva have been fantastic but, for me, Laybutt has been the stand-out player so far.
  4. Ennis on Kamikamika: ''Look at his muscles!'' Voss: ''Steady on, Michael!'' Turuva deserves his try. A star is born indeed. One of the Bati's best tonight.
  5. The NRL is fantastic, but weekends like this showcases players, incredible passion, more potential for growth. Voss loves internationals, and that's part of the reason why I like him so much. It would be a crime if the NRL succeeds in binning this internationalist colour and fervour.
  6. PNG's first try was a thing of beauty. A run-around link-up between backs and then a goose-step to take an opponent on the outside, before finding the pass. Laybutt has been great for the Kumuls! Power and passion and that Yei charge-over on HT to put them in front was awesome. Most enjoyable half of the three men's tests so far IMO!
  7. Voss is wonderfully enthusiastic. ''Everything we've seen this weekend... Why don't we see more international rugby league?''
  8. I enjoyed the Samoan ball movement and backline talent. If they can get Papalii up front and Luai in the halves I think they can really threaten England. Brave showing by the Cook Islands. A lot of players coming together and playing against players playing at an elite level. They can be very proud of putting their hands up and doing the islands proud.
  9. He's playing really well for Hudds, isn't he? I think you're perhaps being a touch unfair and overly downcast.
  10. RIDICULOUS try assist from Josh Schuster for Nofoaluma's 4th. Skipping across-field inside his half, straightening into a hole, looking left with tongue out, and then grubbering off the outside of his right for his wing-man to get the perfect bounce and streak away. He'll like looking back on that and grinning. Seems like a real confidence player.
  11. That was my feeling as well, in all honesty. I do think Lolohea will spark them up a great deal, and offer much-needed class.
  12. Really like how you state things here, UTK.
  13. I always liked Harry Gration. Seemed like a genuine, genial man, and someone who was a good face for the game. RIP
  14. Yeah, really bad call. They got him going backwards at a rate of knots. Knees didn't hit the ground, he wasn't lifted off the ground, and momentum continued all the way into the in-goal. Certainly should have been a goal-line drop-out.
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