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  1. That farcical and ill-thought-out report leaves more questions than answers. They still haven't said what word they found him guilty of using.
  2. ultimately the Tribunal found Mr Charnley to be an impressive and credible witnesses. On the contrary, Mr McGuire was not. He was therefore guilty of the offence. Who wrote this mess of a report?
  3. JM was cross-examined by both Mr Wild (RFL Compliance Manager) and RC. He informed the Tribunal that he had no knowledge about Mr Charnley or his family and that the words he was alleged to have used would not be something he would say. He did not know why he had been accused. He added that it had been an aggressive game and as he completed the tackle on Mr Charnley, he did call him a “rat” due to a previous incident in a pre-season game between the two sides. So, basically, they are believing Charnley. Interesting, and pretty much what I expected.
  4. I didn't think too deeply. Brexit is blamed for a lot of things.
  5. The Aussies will have to bite their lips, haha. No jokes or jibes about mums or girlfriends...
  6. I have a noticeable disability and have been abused and name-called all my life. I get on with it and have never read too much into the words people have said. Sometimes people apologise, sometimes they don't.
  7. Just to be clear, it was AFB who called the ref that. If that was in SL, he'd have been sent off. The different levels of acceptability is something that has become more noticeable over the last decade or so. I remember Gallen in an Origin saying that a ref's call was an ''effing disgrace'' with the ref just telling him to be careful of his language.
  8. Aussies are more forward. McGuire will have just been bantering and would have had no issue with apologising, I am sure. He's tough but not a nasty guy at all off the field. I am sad at the response to this ''NON STORY'', as Lewis Schafer might put it.
  9. Worth remembering that Charnley left Warrington on not the best of terms. The RFL are essentially taking his word that McGuire said something offensive. Very peculiar and concerning.
  10. 12 match ban and the RFL don't even disclose what they've found him guilty of saying?? That's BS, in terms of transparency.
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