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  1. Credit where it's due to creditwhereitsdue, spot on!!
  2. Rams can take heart from that, Turner was great for them, Greensmith was strong, Restall covered and collected well and Louis Collinson will be immense in their division. They dominated us for decent periods but couldn't take advantage of the slope
  3. Guess you can add Gledders Rog! (Alex Brev's waiting for a call he says!!)......
  4. Suppose as it's a pre-season jobbie there'll be no official m o m but Meadows had an absolute blinder today. He's stepped up already, when Woods gets up to speed and with BenW having a strong game I'd say this could be good!
  5. Would have been nice to have seen a squad as Dewsbury have posted.
  6. Happy one FevRover, slide over Boxing lunch if you've nowt on!
  7. Back at you Frank and at the club and Forum contributors.
  8. Dog Bawls, that's where a damned good share of it goes!! Absolutely MAHOOSIVE gamble by the club, I hope that Batley folk, Rams folk when they're away, SL folk at a loose end AND away fans who might in the past not have travelled who now find that extra tenner towards their club coach fare or car fuel will make it. These blokes in the boardroom, helpers etc deserve success, there's 25+- players and us fans who can help them get it.
  9. And there we are GittinsFan....Johnson not my idea of a progressive signing. If we can't attract more decent players after a 2 year run as we've had then....
  10. Slightly underplayed it by sending him to the chipshop last week!! Looks a handy size, let's have a peek at him Monday Linners!
  11. We're obviously avoiding any lousy weather damage to The Mount pre-season....
  12. I'll stick my neck out and go for Dewsbury as champions by a good stretch and either Oldham or Doncaster to go up.
  13. Thanks Andy, those were my guesses. Cheers Gittinsfan, reckon you'll be right!!
  14. Discussion Rog! Don't think we'd have turned Gale away though!!
  15. Just had an idea, seeing as I'm one who often complains about the ageing of our squad, so (guessing at the ages of Keegan and Sammy as they're not stated) I've added up the combined ages of the squad, works out an average of 27. On the whole not as ancient after all! Crikey, soon I'll have no complaints......
  16. Well, his knee jnjury certainly HAS swung it, out to show us all, bounce is back!! What else can you call him but Bounce?
  17. Weather forecast around 4° and showers.
  18. We usually field 20 players, Senior's out, so unless the lad in kit at the chippy is in that means only 1 of the current squad missing out, so there's a good chance of all those mentioned being on show.
  19. Luke Gale to Keighley, not the part of Bradford I expected! Any bets on Ferres ......
  20. See you then, wonder if Dale will lose one of his 2's this year? Thought we'd have had squad numbers by now seeing as we play in 7 days. Anybody else think we get later and later every year with everything? We used to have meet the players and shirt numbers in November. This year Nash night looks busy; new players getting their numbers and shirts, old players hopefully presenting shirts to sponsors and the other hullabaloo all at once!!
  21. No news on Gledders, Kaye or Blake. Bad knee job for Ben might gave swung a decision.
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