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  1. Man down for a while early season. George Senior having shoulder op early December, hope on that premise we don't lose a centre in the friendlies. I know Dale can play centre but so far we don't have a 3rd winger either .....
  2. BISSA have posted as such today BSJ. The actual club doesn't seem to know...
  3. DD am in for the Forum shirt again BTW, info as and when u have it.
  4. To me, with so many reaching 30 the 'sensible' way of spending any bonus should have been on youth who we should tie down to 2 year contracts to allow for a season's loan out to be ready for their 2nd seadon here. However, last season we had Collinson,Carr, Milthorpe, Burton and what happened? Collinson is now lost to us in his 2nd year and if he does well at Rams might not fancy coming back so is a loss to us. Hall WOULD have been ideal now, in my opinion, unshared as it maybe.
  5. Doubt it'll be a lot down in the ice bowl BSJ! I was perished at Widnes last pre'season and Kingstone Park but I reckon South Leeds in January will beat both. BTW both clubs quiet over Boxing Day...
  6. Exactly what I said 2 months ago DF!
  7. BFA, done all that, yes to BISSA and the purchasing, daughter and son-in-law (Battler) doing 3 Peaks, player sponsor, but they're missing out on the fan's desire to put in. The club could run their own version of BISSA monthly donations, would you, even in the current financial climate, miss a 4er each month? I say whilst fans are willing the club should be taking the opportunity. We want the club to stay up aloft which means being in the serious market place and fans WILL do all they can. Still time to put another draw on for Christmas. ..
  8. It was only on FB yesterday about Millar so unless Batley Bob's a director at Odsal and in the know....
  9. Where's next for the club to go in fundraising? Massive trumpeting of a couple of Lifeline Draws, nothing since. Prime time now for Grand Christmas Draw, could have been up n running since Queen night with a massive prize drawn on Boxing Day, could have been a joint deal with Rams benefitting both clubs. I made several suggestions about 6 weeks ago on another thread and we've gone nowhere with anything. Then we wonder why we can't draw bigger names when fans are crying out to contribute.
  10. This ISN'T a criticism....could apply to any club, signing most of your last season's squad isn't a guarantee that they'll be as good or get better with another year of age on them. Refreshing the squad is a way of ensuring improvement as those players have to become new fans' favourites and future club legends. Re my comment on Millar...not meant to insinuate that we need to sign him, would rather see the other name mentioned re-signed but who knows what's in Linners' mind. Hasn't got it wrong so far.
  11. Whiteley definitely but Ryan Millar has left Bulls, being offered around the Championship... We currently have only 20 players signed think on and it's Boxing Day 4 weeks on Monday.
  12. Ben Kaye if only for his spirit about the place. Young Burton couldn't learn from better than him and Leaky.
  13. Are they available to post out. Someone Personal message me with who and how to pay (Inc postage). Thanks
  14. phildog


    I think I'm right in saying this will be Al's 10 and Testimonial season. Anyone, maybe his sponsor, have any news as to whether he or the club have applied to the RFL?
  15. Assume it's signing not a loan, there hasn't been much advertised about him....
  16. Thought he got a quick injury when he came on in that match?
  17. The number of players we've signed over the years who have been useless, unfit, injury-prone etc according to fans of previous clubs yet gave done it here could fill a paperback. Linners will have done a thorough check, welcome Samy.
  18. Do you mean Hall, not Kear Graham? After a half season at Coventry he'll have sharpened up a bit. Why didn't he stick at Rams?
  19. Just the way both he and his father spoke about the club whilst he was here, personal opinion as usual....
  20. Resignings and Inbounds slowed up; can't just be 2 ...
  21. Re; Bash, I agree entirely with BSJ. Past it's visible worth and it's at best a RFL afterthought.
  22. EH would IMO have been vastly improved by Linners and would have drifted automatically into Hooley's hole AND have had longevity. Not that EK isn't greatly welcome.
  23. phildog


    Re Fox's, isn't there some speculation as to their continuing sponsorship/name of the ground?
  24. Apologies, have now had a flood of new posts which weren't there this morning!
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