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  1. Why ? Would he have won it for you.
  2. He's has really got sl potential. Didn't realise how fast he is. Also jc looks to found that bit more under the bonnet.
  3. Heard on the grapevine that they played their first choice squad against Oldham and have decided to rest some against the rams.
  4. Must agree with you Colin. What a team cl has put together. There is a lot more inventiveness near the try line that have seen for quite a few years. I have been saying for years that we should kick over the top and chase against flat footed defences, and now it's coming off. Everytime we get into the oppositions 20 it looks like we can score. Great to see set moves coming off.
  5. Gilmore Manning Hooley Who would have thought that after 5 games we would be looking over our shoulder. So proud of the dogs.
  6. WOW!!!!! We made hard work of that. Thought we were out of it half way through 2nd half against a good eagles display. We couldn't get nowhere with their line speed, and played a lot of one man rugby. Then out of nowt a try. Once we got in front there was only going to be 1 winner. We'll done to the lads for having belief in yourselves.
  7. Going for a dogs win by 10, jc first try scorer. I think we are the form team at the moment. Sheffield will be more worried more about us, than us them.
  8. I thought Batley was your first real test. It was no easy game for you.
  9. I thought he kept the ball in play, it was very close.
  10. It looked a small pitch, but I might be wrong, but I think we play better on bigger pitchers.
  11. Must agree with you dd. Think I'm expecting us to put 50 past other teams every game.
  12. Never really looked at times that we could get out of second gear. But all in all some good tries scored. It was never going to be easy up there. I thought ref gave some dubious decisions against us. A wins a sin and I would have taken that score before kick off.
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