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  1. Not too fussed, cant say he broke any pots. Some games didn't realise he was playing. Good look to him at Barrow.
  2. What makes you so cock sure there will be a next year. Some folk jumping the gun already. I for one ain't holding my breath.
  3. Totally agree with you rob, but it does make you wonder how sl can afford to do it when supposedly most are not financially flushed.
  4. It worked years ago when it was winter rugby, also with good crowds. But I think this season should be scrapped and start again next year. Imo.
  5. Hi col can you let me know how to find my numbers, cos I got fb but cant see mine.
  6. How do I know what numbers I have been given, I dont know where to look.
  7. Got mine too , many thanks to go media.
  8. Does anyone think this seasons rugby will start again, or has it been said that this season is over with. I cant remember seeing anything on the news or in the press about it. If the powers that be want to restart the season in the coming weeks, would it be behind closed doors. That wouldn't be financially viable for any club.
  9. If someone could get fixed whatever's wrong so all people could sign in and buy tickets it would probably boost ticket sales.
  10. Fantastic post, and a good read too dogfather.
  11. I have given up trying. Cant get over to club and post any monies because I live at the far end of Bradford.
  12. I use to live at 12 Roman road 25 ish years ago.
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