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  1. This all well and good KTF, but there Just doesn't seem to be any eagerness to raise funds by those who are in charge. If my business was £30,000 in debt I would be doing everything within my means to raise my income .
  2. I still can't see the point of fans saying all will come well beginning start of season. There is nothing to shout about from the rooftops though. Bet Doncaster and Oldham fans are rushing out to get their season tickets and shirts due to the excitement of seeing the squads they have assembled. Phildog has mentioned ways of trying to re- coup some monies to help with our debt e.g prize Christmas draw but nothing at all from the club. No excuses at all from now on, hols over with, squad back in training let's see what happens. Shoot me down if you want, but right now this is how I feel and I know other fans do.
  3. Well put nineoil. I'm quite happy to go back to 18 or even 20 pounds admission if that means helping the club financially
  4. No we don't know who else we have signed, if anybody. Clubs are our there revealing all their new signings, along of which have super league experience. Donny are revealing new signings every other day and I'm sure with the squad they are assembling fans will be rushing out to buy season tickets and shirts all excited. So yes Phildog has got a point. If we have signed any more quality players for God's sake let the fans know, and let our fans have something to talk about. I sadly spend more time reading about what good players have signed for other clubs than the team I support.
  5. Must agree BB. Instead of cash prizes try seasontickets for 2, an executive box for a game, shirts and hats and scarfs.
  6. I thought it was mortons last season.
  7. I hope there's some truth in it PD.
  8. You forgot " and best looking supporters "
  9. Looks like Fev are splashing the cash, and going for it again in 2024.
  10. How can you say that , probably all the teams in the Championship would have loved a squad that fev put together . They only lost 2 league games all season. Fevs wage bill must be humongous compared to other clubs, and I would have thought by now they would have learnt a lesson, it does not give you a ticket into SL.
  11. Not a full time supporter then. I go to as many games to support my team as I can. WIN OR LOSE.
  12. Was just wondering , any news on the draw DD.
  13. This is true, but when other teams are struggling for fit players they always seem to be able to source some from somewhere, we don't or can't.
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