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  1. Just tried again , but still no joy. Must be quite a few fans out there trying to buy tickets which is a bit of income for our club , and like me it wont let them purchase tickets. Or am I the only one.
  2. Anyone know who won the ht draw or if it was someone from the forum.
  3. Yes he was the centurion cyclops. Cheered my sunday up listening to his biased commentary.
  4. Still no joy for me. If it's not happening by tomorrow think I will give up on it.
  5. Same here silverback. My email address and password is registered but just keeps on saying invalid email address.
  6. JC 2018 Leigh Line break leaky
  7. Hi Bob, I'm trying to buy some tickets but it wont let us sign in on the link. It doesnt recognise my details.
  8. Of course it was. It was a great game of rugby. Looked like he was going to go ar@@ over ti@@ all the way to the line.
  9. Was it scott against the eagles 2019
  10. That's who I think it is. And if I remember rightly, it was brambani that started the move.
  11. What about HMRC's cut lol
  12. Looking at our next 6 fixtures I would say all of these games are very winnable. Most of the clubs will be seeing our game against them as a tough one. I dont think we are a push over to other clubs compared to last season. I think we could at least get a possible 8 points from the 12 on offer.
  13. Nobodys saying we should have or could have. Realistically I don't think anyone expected us to go to France and come away with the 2 points. But having said that apparently we held our own for a long time against a full time team on their own soil who are one of the favourites to gain promotion. So I'm quite happy with our performance. Amazing how some rams fans get a win against widnes, then decide a good performance counts for nowt. When were putting in a good shift I'm quite happy win or not cos it's a lot better than the dross we served up last season.
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