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  1. If we finish one place above last seasons effort I would see it as being successful. All I want in a match is for us to be competitive, and if we lose we gave it our best shot. We all know last season was dire most of the time, but there were games that we showed what we can really do on a rugby pitch. A bit more consistency this coming season and I will be a happy chappy. I'm hoping we can get a few early results to entice the stay aways to come through the turnstiles again. Glad ward stayed.
  2. There is a big difference to a novice coach and a coach who has got batley running through his vains. Most supporters got what they wished for and that was a new coach. I am quite happy for lingard to take the reins. Who knows what we can do under him. Time will tell, and I really hope it works for the dogs on and off the pitch.
  3. Glad to have Jonny back on board for next season.
  4. Proud of your lads. To have to come back from France on monday and go to canada a few days later and play another 80 mins of rugby against a full time team and give them a game. The rfl have got what they wanted in my opinion, glad to see the back of them. Well and truly put fev on the map again.
  5. Really wish your lads all the best and hope you can turn over the wolfpack. Good luck...
  6. Still mandatory rams fans having a good SOH bsj.
  7. Glad Wayne's signed again. Always gives his all and should be scoring more tries if linners gets us playing in a way that we use our centres and wingers more often. Too many time he has had to come infield looking for the ball because of the drab one man rugby down the middle.
  8. Great re-signing. Good to have him again for 2020.
  9. I thought only burglars started at that time in a morning roger.
  10. It's like your saying shut up and put up ernieone. Not really what the supporters want to hear. But it wasnt that long ago that we were competing with full time teams and beating them ( pre- diskin).
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