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  1. Anyone know the attendance.
  2. Hope we get him on board for 2022. The guy can find a gap, and knows where the try line is.
  3. Gonna be a really tough one this. Especially after the way they disposed of the vikings.
  4. Didn't we put 60 odd past them at belle Vue about 3 seasons ago. ?
  5. Anyone know if there's any highlights of Swinton match anywhere.
  6. Well said silverback . It's been a cracking season so far. Probably better than most expected. A win tomorrow will put us in good steady for the playoffs. Here's to a great season .
  7. Gonna need oxygen if we climb any higher.
  8. Fancy us for this one. A good week's rest, home advantage so hopefully that should see a win.
  9. Got the fev score right though. Lol
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