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  1. Welcome to the forum Dogsforever.
  2. I would have thought losing to Batley would have been easier to swallow rather than getting stuffed by Leigh.
  3. I really can't see what all the slating of BM is all about. He got rovers to second in the league , semi finals of play offs. I dont think any other coach could have improved on that, given the squad leigh assembled this year
  4. Sure was ..... squeaky bum time it was.
  5. Thanks spanishknight , it was a great advert for championship rl. In our hearts we are going to turn leigh over, in our heads we know we won't. It will be a great day out and another chance for the players to go out there give it their best shot and enjoy the day.
  6. Thanks Jpl, it was a cracking game by 2 great teams. Dogs deserved the win today , and to see such a good away following made it even better. Will be some sore heads in the morning. All the best for 2023 , and to some more great encounters.
  7. I think I deserve to be able to gloat after what has been a truly amazing achievement by BATLEY BULLDOGS, when nobody gave us a chance. Good look for 2023, you might be a bit more careful with your predictions next time around.
  8. Can you remember earlier on In the season you said it will definitely be a leigh v fev final and I pulled you up on it. I got something for you to eat. Hope you like humble pie. GET IN THE DOGS
  9. What a performance so far, really got them rattled. Keep it going lads, whatever the outcome we are all so proud of you all.
  10. I didn't think the points from the play offs went on league table points. I have just looked and we are still 5th, or am I missing something?
  11. I thought the lowest we can finish is 5th.
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