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  1. I normally prefer the away kit, but this seasons home kit for me.
  2. Can you PM your address dd and I will put it through you letterbox. Told our lass you live in Australia. Lol
  3. Is that a little teaser bb , or are you just saying we have spoke to other players with no joy.
  4. Hi distantdog, I take it this is the final amount. What method of payment can I do.
  5. Are all your squad part time this coming season ?
  6. Noticed they are splashing the cash again. Thought they would have learnt their lesson by now, that it doesn't always buy success . Old habits die hard and all that I suppose. What happened to bbbbb saying they are going to run a tighter ship. What a load of b#$#$#$s .
  7. Cant possibly see bradford playing from odsal again. I know the rfl has said it will pay out £200.000 each year to maintain odsal, for what? Bradford gave it up because they couldn't afford to play there. Maybe the rfl will show a bit of favouritism towards the bulls for the 2021 season and give them tenancy at a reduced rate just to have the bulls back in bradford.
  8. He would do. It's less winning pay to pay out.
  9. Dog forever


    Don't forget to ask for your change, and say thank you to the kind lady. Lol
  10. Me too. All of them legends in their own right. I wonder how many times I saw gibbo go the full length of the field.
  11. Not bothered reading much info on ms and his plans with bradford bulls. But apparently he is rumoured to be turning the club around and making it a profitable business. So if this is true will he be scrapping their full time and going only part time to be able to rebuild a debt riddled club. Let's wait and see.
  12. If we finish one place above last seasons effort I would see it as being successful. All I want in a match is for us to be competitive, and if we lose we gave it our best shot. We all know last season was dire most of the time, but there were games that we showed what we can really do on a rugby pitch. A bit more consistency this coming season and I will be a happy chappy. I'm hoping we can get a few early results to entice the stay aways to come through the turnstiles again. Glad ward stayed.
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