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  1. Some truth said in that dogfather. But then again if the salary cap wasnt so high and clubs had more or less same amount of money each season to mould a squad I think it would make the competition more attractive to the paying public. Most fans can look at the weekly fixtures and pick out the winners even before a ball is kicked. So many fans are staying away now because they have fallen out with the way the game is run with clubs using dr and loan players all season through. I don't know what the answers are , but I sure can remember back in the day when dr was not in use and we could now and again bring a little gem up through the ranks and make a few quid by giving them a shot at sl.
  2. Yes dr is terrible, and some supporters cant see it changing any time too. But it could change over night if clubs refused to use it. Too many clubs are dependant on it now. If clubs signed enough players at the beginning of a season it wouldn't be needed. If clubs could only dr with a championship 1 club would they be as fast to use it. I think not.
  3. Absolutely great idea coolie.
  4. Behave...... they have spent more than that on loan players alone this season.
  5. Sad to see him go but you cant blame the lad. Why would he want to play for a team that would eventually train all the skill that he has out of him within the next season. It's a pity we also have to hear it second hand as well.
  6. Totally clueless. Brown gets tackled looking for offload nobody wants it. Too many balls thrown into touch. Too many penalties. Too much predictable one man rugby. Cant blaim conditions it was same for both teams. Surely it's time for diskin to go now. We don't even play entertaining rugby lo more, it's so boring to watch.
  7. On paper that is a cracking team. Let's hope we can raise our game like we did in the previous round against york. We need to be fast outta the blocks and no silly penalties. Dogs win by 4
  8. Congrats on your anniversary silver back. Have you told your mrs your off to the match yet. Lol
  9. Can somebody please remind me how promotion and relegation is worked out come end of regular season.
  10. Your absolutely right. And I still totally disagree with it. Weather its my club or any other club it needs scrapping. Its just spoiling my favourite sport. Clubs managed without it before and can do again. Its like leigh splashing the cash like it's going out of fashion, but for what they aint gonna get into sl and begin they know it they will be in financial difficulties again. You would have thought they would have learned by now, suppose old habits die hard.
  11. Couldn't agree more silver back. I think if we were fielding a squad full of d/r and loan players I really wouldn't be too fussed about paying good money to watch the dogs and not recognising half the players. So many teams are losing their identity in search of the holy grail, only for a season or two later to come down with a bump and financial problems.
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