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  1. I think we were just outplayed by a team that wanted it more than we did. They were probably out to impress looking for first team game time, and us, well nothing to get excited about. So so predictable with ball in hand. How come teams come to our ground and can kick 40/20 then we think oh we could have a go at one of those. Fearful of what fev will put past us next week . Did the giants have any 1st teamers in does anybody know or were they all reserves?
  2. Totally outplayed by a bunch of kids. No interest in the game more interested in fighting and giving cheap penalties away I cant remember if rettie has had hold of the ball yet.
  3. I thought we played ok in spells. In these pre season friendlies we really do need to try something different. Why don't we ever go for a 40/20, or chip over the top and chase. We could even try kicking out to touch from a kick off and get head and ball or even going for a short kick off now and again instead of only doing it in the last 5 mins when we are chasing a game. Why oh why do we always insist on kicking it to the same player from a kick off all the time, maybe kick one now and again along the floor it is much harder to collect. Hope we can try some of these tactics against the giants.
  4. Bet the poor lad doesnt know weather he's coming or going. If he has signed for the bulls for a season, why is it he is made to believe he will be a rhinos player again after his stint with the bulls. Surely he would be a free agent and could sign for whom offers him a good deal. Or am I not reading it quite as it should read.
  5. As far as I know it might be hull.
  6. Why be worried . It was only a friendly kick about in the park. I thought both teams played some good rugby at times.
  7. Heard on the grapevine that the memorabilia has been moved to make way for the new bulls trophy cabinet made by mr wood.
  8. Will the dvd be on sale at all.
  9. I normally prefer the away kit, but this seasons home kit for me.
  10. Can you PM your address dd and I will put it through you letterbox. Told our lass you live in Australia. Lol
  11. Is that a little teaser bb , or are you just saying we have spoke to other players with no joy.
  12. Hi distantdog, I take it this is the final amount. What method of payment can I do.
  13. Are all your squad part time this coming season ?
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