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  1. no problem. just let me know if claires project don't take up your programmes
  2. are there anymore signings in the pipeline or is the squad for 2020 complete ?
  3. could I possibly choose the ones I like rather than take the whole lot ?
  4. does anyone know what the squad size will be next season?
  5. our recruitment so far doesn't excite me at all.
  6. thought he was in charge of Huddersfield YMCA RU ?
  7. for my hometown club batley, we have Bretherton & gledhill retiring and brambani & jouffret confirmed as leaving. apart from that, no idea
  8. underestimated donny & lost, what do we think about that?
  9. I'm only going for the 2 tests vs the kiwis. I have an apartment in Auckland so will travel from there to the games. I've paid £600 in return flights. that's it
  10. OK, so replace dickinson with Everett
  11. for the good Friday game, I'd go with this team scott, reittie, wood, galbraith, Campbell, jouffret, Yates, gledhill, leak, lillycrop, manning, downs, brearley. brown, taira, Bretherton, dickinson
  12. let's hope the win vs widnes gives the team a MASSIVE boost going into the Derby. I think it'll be a tight game.
  13. I would give the lads who've barely played a chance. see what they can do
  14. i reckon the RFL should allow 2 SL reserve sides into the L1 set up next season. obviously they can't get promoted. allow them 3 overage players in the matchday squads. I think it would improve the standard in L1. no harm in giving it a go
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