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  1. We arent going to agree because you pre judge what was either an innocent but bad tackle or a premeditated bad tackle. Thats only your interpretation based on your bias. There is however no doubt such brutal and intentional retaliation is out of order in professional sport. Im not convinced Miloudi intentionally went to harm or injure, it was just clumsy and a yellow card.
  2. Grubrats is correct, it may have been a Miloudi accidental high tackle or it might have been more sinister, that is only a matter of on watchers opinions but two wrongs do not make it right, the retaliation was no accident it was intentional and dangerous. Its called professional rugby for a reason. A long ban for such retaliation is justified. Miloudi may yet get a ban but that is up to the panel, not Worthington.
  3. Its sad to see supporters praising repeated punching to the head and face, one blow could kill, these blokes are powerful, a mis judged takle does not deserve a possible life threatening brain injury or worse. But thats just my take on it. Goodnight.
  4. Ive seen it several times and have seen that kind of mis judged grasp many times and a resulting penalty given. Ripping his head off? give over, get real. It was a poor tackle, high and a penalty. The Faxs player over reacted, 3 to 4 severe blows to the face and head, over aggressive and deserves a 7 to 8 ban.
  5. If you can't keep you fists in the boxing ring then stick to boxing in the ring . the ref is there to sort it out, if the ref messes up then you swallow the pill and play a smarter game to get your revenge, not use another players head as a punch bag.
  6. Another shameful comment, it is rugby not boxing and thuggery deserves a straight red.
  7. Ive watched it, it isnt an innocuous takle by any means, you see them week in week out, it was high and I think the touch judge pointed to that in the discussion with the ref, hence the penalty call after two well deserved reds. The yellow was a ridiculous call. 8 matches each will be justified and your apraisal for such thuggery is disgraceful fella.
  8. Are you serious fella? both straight reds, he landed 4 punches to the face and head, Miloudi was dazed and trying to drag an injured player up is a straight red. Fax were the better team and stronger team. Just own up to the big bans ahead, they are justified.
  9. I wouldn't be writing off Barrow just yet having only lost 1 away and that was to Fev it wouldn't be a shock if they nick a close win tomorrow and they will be hard to beat at home to York.
  10. Have the mud kings beat them on firm ground?
  11. There are cheats in all sports, this doesn't excuse it, it's just a sad fact.
  12. There needs to be a different solution. DR needs to be scrapped and never be brought back. Long term loans should be the only system to cover depleted squads due to growing injury problems, no fit and willing signed players should be left out of their clubs squad for a SL player looking for game time, end of.
  13. Difficult to argue against but I'd put Batley below Bradford and maybe even Newcastle
  14. Batley Bulldogs v Halifax Panthers KO 15:00 Bradford Bulls v Widnes Vikings KO 15:00 London Broncos v Swinton Lions KO 15:00 Oldham v Dewsbury Rams KO 15:00 Whitehaven v York City Knights KO 15:00 Sheffield Eagles v Toulouse Olympique KO 15:00 wins for Fax , Bulls, Broncos, Rams, Knights, Olympique .
  15. Barrow Raiders v Workington Town KO 15:00 Coventry Bears v Doncaster KO 15:00 Keighley Cougars v London Skolars KO 15:00 Rochdale Hornets v North Wales Crusaders KO 15:00 all home wins except for the Bears .
  16. I wish them all the luck and this shouldn't be a problem , they need a clean out and to spend the owners cash and sign wisely . but if they don't change much they are relegation fodder .
  17. Its all very well recording time on good athletic tracks out of the blocks and wearing spikes and carrying no ball under your arm . Some are not anywhere near as fast on a rugby pitch carrying a ball , its a different skill , balance and technique .
  18. We actually do not know how many are being tested and there are areas where little to no testing is done . The Government stop giving out testing figures a while ago .
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