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  1. I wish them all the luck and this shouldn't be a problem , they need a clean out and to spend the owners cash and sign wisely . but if they don't change much they are relegation fodder .
  2. Its all very well recording time on good athletic tracks out of the blocks and wearing spikes and carrying no ball under your arm . Some are not anywhere near as fast on a rugby pitch carrying a ball , its a different skill , balance and technique .
  3. We actually do not know how many are being tested and there are areas where little to no testing is done . The Government stop giving out testing figures a while ago .
  4. I suppose the answer is we actually do not know how many of the population actually has it . Testing is almost non existent in many areas and asymptomatic carriers do not realise they are spreading it .
  5. I agree but how do you do bubbles when your partners also need to go work and your kids have to go to school ? Work places are high risk as we have seen several companies where the whole workforce have been testing positive .
  6. Having a Player in full lockdown means his entire household locking down too or it just wont work , kids at school wife out working and shopping ? Its not practical .
  7. Lockdown has shown psychological effects , mental health issues , after long periods in some people , keeping players and their families in extended lockdown for what would be from March until October or whenever is a big ask with potential serious issues evolving
  8. I cannot see a season taking off in 2021 for the Championship or League one . There isn't going to be a tested vaccine until next winter they say and there is no way most of the clubs can afford to test players a couple of times a week during pre season and the season itself
  9. They are now called the Wolfpacked In
  10. One or two teams in League one will not fear that team with the signings to date . They seem to be underestimating the top 3 or 4 clubs in that league in my opinion
  11. Not good news coming out of the Catalan Camp now . It makes you wonder if SL will be abandoning this season too . Or be forced to .
  12. All of this is likely throughout 2021 too . A vaccine probably won't be ready until Dec 2021 by all accounts . Do we cancel the 2 leagues all next season too ?
  13. It won't happen unless they can pull a blinder and they get Sky to screen all the of tournament . It would have good ratings even a minleague home and away of 5 clubs . Theres very little else rugby to watch
  14. probably financial reasons , this pandemic has decimated funding and could yet see struggling clubs go under . Theres no guarantee that next seasons kick will be smooth as yet . The state that rugby league is in in general is shocking
  15. What good is a competition ? most teams won't enter from the bottom half of the champ and probably all in league 1 will not fancy it . They don't have a chance of winning and most likely play one costly travel away game and be knocked out . Fans won't be entertained at that prospect .
  16. we won't see the lower leagues play this season . at least not league games .
  17. looking at fast moving developments the whole game could be scrapped for the long foreseeable future . Italy is getting worse and we are not even at where they were a month ago .
  18. If all other sports cancel their events for the next few weeks then it will only harm Rugby League it it continued with its fixtures .
  19. It was never going to be fluid stuff in these conditions but fair play for both teams for having a go , the commentators say its down wind for Barrow next half so with only 2 subs Workington are really up against it ., just need to stay free of anymore injuries .
  20. Could by an arm wrestle in the mud this game . Very wet up in Cumbria all week and weekend .
  21. I should have made that clearer as I also meant the pitches themselves . Donny is an all seater and very enclosed too which can feel overbearing if you are not used to it .
  22. I agree , Newcastle could be giving Donny a slight edge when it should have been their home advantage . Donny already play on a full size football pitch in an enclosed all seated stadium .
  23. Surely it's a valid point if it is to all happen so soon ?
  24. How will the heartlands part time clubs afford to compete and travel ?
  25. Just watched this on you tube good attempt from barrow with youngsters and 7 amateur trailists playing
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