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  1. Get the old County Cup out of the cupboard and play a 6 team league Town, Haven, Barrow, Brow, Mont and Kells or Millom
  2. Never seen them play
  3. Pick a Town team that you would of loved to see play together out of players you have seen at the club include 4 subs as it would be today...... 1 Mulligan 2 Miller 3 Kay 4 Hepi 5 cocker 6 Kitchin 7 Tane 8 Jimmy 9 Limmer 10 Hitro 11 Stack 12 Samuels 13 oggy 14 Lunty 15 Fui 16 Buck 17 sione
  4. Very disrespectful from the raiders media team
  5. One bit of truth you have said
  6. Who played at 13 in the final?
  7. Get on hands and knees to jonty for me!
  8. Like I said the top cumbrian amateur side I was just using brow as an example. Surely they would be able to get a decent sponsor for it also with a bit of prize money to be had.
  9. With the yorkshire clubs starting the cup back up again is it time we started the cumbria cup back up again as a pre season tournament? It could either go as a 3 team tournament Town, Barrow and Haven Or As a 4 team tournament and invite the highest placed cumbrian side from the national conference e.g Brow, Town, Barrow and Haven. Just an idea that would make pre season a bit more interesting.
  10. Cheers I live away so just checking
  11. If and a big if we made it to play the final albeit home or away what date is this played on?
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