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  1. I've kept quiet on this matter for a while because I don't get there on a regular basis anymore. But the fact we are begging for money as a club is disgusting after the way that we operated in the black for years. Travelling player's who aren't good enough and I could name a few in that squad but haven't left and have taken a pay cut because they aren't good enough and will get no where else to play and we're letting local players go is beyond me. To turn up at a game with 16 players is beyond a disgrace. "We went up a year too early blah blah blah" isn't an excuse we went out last year to win that league . We didn't so we suffered the consequences of play off rugby and now we're going down or possibly might not exist next year if rumours are true. Sheer bad management and you can't just blame a coach for this it starts at the top with the people controlling the funding. Speculate to accumulate by all means but within reason.
  2. Kind words troutmaster. He was a great guy never a bad word. Used to travel with him when we were kids to away games prior and during super league. Then when we were all pished as adults. RIP Gaz Wer the famous PSE
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