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  1. I have to defend forber on thr constant we need walker in the team. Walker as good a talent as he is perhaps isn't doing in traning what buffer is. Buffer scored a lovely try today and always puts his body on the line, we are lucky to be able to call on him in my opinion.
  2. Dawson wanted to play in the championship, we wouldn't be daft enough to have let him go easily. He is class
  3. Jordan thomson and Joe brown are playing for both teams not just pauli pauli
  4. He played in there last game so I very much doubt he has even been released
  5. As town army stated above I'm afraid.
  6. After seeing us lose the kavanah try after a positive start the players body language suggested a tough day at the office whilst behind the sticks after a few minutes was worrying. But there's lightweight like we started the season with a few forwards in. At present we have a worryingly small squad with wingers making up the numbers in the pack. Injuries are one thing we can help but if players leave surly we can replace them in dawson and Wilson. The no go aussie let's not go there. My belief is its now 2 from us dewsbury and London but its now a bit of a dream in all honesty. The crowd shouting at the referee was embarrassing too, he was absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Hopefully teare is OK too the shining light in a poor season.
  7. I don't see this a 56 ball game. A few eager to impress who signed for haven to get upto the super league. 40 points in it tops
  8. Was a really good dig against a decent team today but for me it should be a big bussler stepping in to help put fitzy today. Heard rumours of a few incoming loans before we took broadbent in as a must but something from the club would be nice, is the new aussie officially not happening now. Or did Chris say anything afterwards on his radio interview? Crossley and the lad from Leeds punched the holes down the middle today and that was the difference for me, we matched them even with 5 wingers we had in our 13, just wish we had that option and think these close matches could go in our favour. Teare absolutely superb signing.
  9. This is one we need to be getting there if teams are gonna take us seriously. Rocked barrow last week with our last 17, now we have reinforcements and no excuses. Obrien and henson are massive
  10. Any word on new signings local, loan or overseas?
  11. Just a confident display in front of the cameras please.
  12. I'm sorry but we keep hearing about working with the funds we have available but if we end up as seems very likely going down at this point, what happens financially then? I can't see anyone else let alone the players we have wanting to stay with us. We have a bare minimum squad and for 90% of them a poor game doesn't mean getting dropped as there's no one else to take there places. Every other club seems to make signings by the week, dewsbury and barrow teams I'd expect us to be dealing with making 2 and 3 loan signings only this week but we can't even get one. I really hope this is a wake up call now and we see the need to be looking at recruitment as a matter of urgency. We apprently had some funds for an overseas talent that hasn't happened so surly we can get someone. In Thorman we do trust but hands have to be held up and changes in the squad ASAP. Dickinson was still as class today as when we were fortunate enough to have his class and Isaac Farrell dictated the game which he didn't do once in town colours.
  13. As much chance as our incoming aussie
  14. I wish we had that standard of referee every week, I thought he controlled the game well and showed both teams who was boss. 1-17 very good performance today, teare is our first choice winger in my opinion now and young for all his critics really stepped up today. Postelthwaite didn't put a foot wrong all game. Doran ran the game and showed why thorman has so much confidence In him to lead this team. Walker is an exciting talent and seems to enjoy getting involved with the strike plays. thomsen is the most improved player at the club and seems like our new muscle up top getting involved. Hope the injury front isn't too bad but I do hope we can somehow look into some recruitment if that's on loan or permanent as our forward line is going to be depleted even more so after today. Hopefully a platform to build on for next week. We have top be beating Sheffield if we are gonna stay up and after our last 2 performances I am confident in that.
  15. We lack props to start with but with hutchings injured and Wilson back to the community game we do need reinforcements surly.
  16. Can last week's tickets purchased for last weeks game be used this weekend?
  17. We go again next week. Utt
  18. Class player. Hard as nails. Will take some replacing. Runs down the wing for me.
  19. Ringo are you expecting the walnes back at barrow or expect them to end up elsewhere?
  20. Don't think Gelling is the Wright choice.
  21. Interesting the walnes arnt in barrow's squad again? Wouldn't mind either or both on loan if barrow don't want them
  22. That was posted in November before We brought out a stunning new home Jersey.
  23. If they have had loads of offers how comes they havnt been snapped up? Well officially anyways.
  24. Can't beleive a catalans or leigh havnt snapped up Hampshire. We can only dream he just wants to play rugby and we could possibly offer him a role man if buffer or doran were injured. Gerard a big prop which we do desire.
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