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  1. i have just suffered the train journey down from Workington to barra and believe me it wasnt easy wanky wanky workington was song quite a thew times
  2. The was one of the best days at DP for years , the result the weather and the entertainment after the game kept the crowd there for hours after the game , well done all.
  3. misses London / Batley /barrow /Newcastle
  4. 1st half killed us the 2 final kick plays resulting in 2 trys in the 1st half 22 nil down , thou a lot of positives in the 2nd half which bodes well in the up coming battles , so i have still got a lot belief we can survive the drop.
  5. A forward coming in from Whitehaven ive heard ?
  6. Jack croft from wakefield a 21 yr old centre for 2 weeks
  7. i heard this at the barrow game
  8. pmac


    game on the against Fax next sunday the 27th
  9. Curtis teare now that lad is direct , and hopefully we see him pushed inside as time goes on , a old vince fawcett style
  10. no hard feelings i disagree with you on this 1 , i am not saying he aint a good player but he isnt SL standards and if so who would he sign for running lateral and yardage is totally different , he is rangi chase mould very unpredictable
  11. No disrespect to lad , he is not SL were would you play him , he runs lateral so plz lets be sensible about this
  12. Why did we lose that 2nd half ?
  13. i couldnt put that any better marra
  14. its dry down here at the mo thou windy , but not to bad tbh
  15. will it be the 12th or 13th ?
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