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  1. We have to take what crusaders did today and do to donny and get revenge. Changes in the 17 need to be made and hopefully injuries can ease it showed today like previous years and what thorman had addressed We lacked size on the edges. Confident they can address this and finish off strong in thorman We trust
  2. Kelly only seemed to come on later on but took some nice ball in rubbed salt in the wounds
  3. I think it's speculation as the world Cup has been cancelled and that's why there was a big push to get it finished on a certain date as well as obviously covid
  4. This is the rl we are talking about we will be fulfilling the fixtures in the last week no doubt day after day or something silly. A decider against barrow wouldn't be a bad thing though
  5. To be fair holyroyd was known to some as a potential star who had been unlucky at leigh.
  6. Hopefully sign off for us with a promotion. Sad to see him go but he is brillaint and was surprised leigh let him g0
  7. Thorman announced by name who has left but brown wasn't mentioned..goulding was as left
  8. Lewis brown was impressive the first 2 games also which is a shame
  9. Yep would need to be am announcement today to be honest we can still dream
  10. Exactly and this covid thing is gonna have an impact going forward so why not make the most of this
  11. Sure we can sort that in a few days. Come on utt
  12. Hopefully we can get crusaders this weekend as it's done like that in super league they will be desperate for a game too. Fingers crossed
  13. Is he signing? Barla tourer why not I suppose
  14. Buffer and wilkes will need a game or 2 rest this season so strength in numbers will be required weather that be a local lad who will wait his chance go back to local if on d r forms or wait and see what we get from Huddersfield when we ask.
  15. If that was the case with them dton lads mentioned why havnt any of them been training with town in pre season? Can't see them lads coming personally.
  16. Olstrum no issue just carrying a bit of a knock. Jp probably retired as he was only helping out late on last season and even offered to play in the last game bit needs an acl op. Maulding? No word
  17. I think joe was having some traveling issues so is taking a bit of time away
  18. No Bailey and tansey on Sunday for fev. One of the 2 would be welcome if ffmm isn't coming
  19. The winger from hull they got could be a coup but think we look quality on paper
  20. We will have 23/24 once next few weeks are sorted
  21. Caine a years loan? 3 from Huddersfield if we require them? Pretty good that
  22. A utility it is then. Wheelbarrow or tansey?
  23. Agreed but it seems Leon trusts in Jamie and Carl.
  24. I expect it to be a forward.
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