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  1. I'm a neutral in most of the games I watch and, while you often see some outstanding play, like a Storm or Roosters game, it doesn't feel the same as when I have some emotional investment.
  2. The Titans exist mainly because at the time it was the fastest-growing city in Australia. Secondly, if you had a city of 600K people in Yorkshire wouldn't you try to get a team started there? I mean it's Qld where RL should be dominant by miles without even getting out of bed. The AFL team there is, I believe, a disaster. It's a mystery to the bosses of both codes. The Titans average home crowd in 2022 was 12,800 so not dreadful. They should have no trouble recruiting players because it's quite a varied area in terms of housing - high rise flats on beach or houses on large blocks out in the rainforest and so on. Overall the climate is close to perfect and lots of the schools would be very new so everything people would look for in a good club to sign for.
  3. I am Australian but I don't know any RL fans so I can't really tell you what the general attitude is. I get all my RL banter from a Brit RL forum - this one. From what I've read on all the Match Threads involving Australia this WC .... There's an old saying, "If you can't say anything nice about ......" Oh damn! time for bed already.
  4. Yes but has he told the Samoa RL and Tonga RL about it? There are actual governing bodies responsible for RL in those countries. They are the ones with the authority to do something to get it up and running. The IRL might be a bit wary about putting up the cash considering the last Samoa "tour" of England and some of the people involved in Tonga RL. There really are good reasons why these Pacific tests are played in Australia rather than in the Pacific countries.
  5. If only there'd been some way for England and NZ to get to the final ....mmm..... Well, I guess we'll never know.
  6. OMG! Can't the BBC do picture in picture? While they're replaying the Latrell try the siren goes but we don't see the players celebrating the WC they've just won because the BBC can't work out how to do picture-in-picture.
  7. Why would they do that? There's already an alleged sport full of RU laws. People can go and watch that.
  8. ????? What do you think those Samoa players were doing over the last 6 months?
  9. Because they took my advice and kept running at Hall and Hufaga for the first 20 minutes.
  10. There are ways around that. The first NRLW season was only 4 teams because they wanted to compress all the Kiwi Test and OZ Test and Origin players into 4 teams to keep the standard as high as possible. NZRL could have a short end-of-season season where all the players are concentrated into 4 teams. In that first NRLW season the 10-team Sydney/NSW comp was effectively condensed into 2 Sydney NRLW teams. Plus there was also a Qld league and both of these State leagues played their seasons before the NRLW season started. Players had the chance to play themselves into a NRL squad.
  11. I don't know all of them but at least 7 of this NZ team played in the WNRL this year. Kiwis don't need the Warriors for individuals to play in WNRL.
  12. Well with 4 new teams coming in next year there are plenty of opportunities for women from other countries to give it a shot in the Sunburnt Country
  13. That commentator is reading this thread. She just re-hashed my last post.
  14. One example of that is that OZ is making most of their yards up their left side against Hall and Hufaga whereas those 2 were just running wild against the other teams.
  15. They need to run some forwards at Amber Hall and Hufaga for the first 30 minutes. Although I was amazed at how well Hall lasted in the last quarter of the previous match.
  16. I think OZ will win but I put $2 on the Kiwis just because they were such a good price - 9/2. I think that's very generous. I'd call them almost even money.
  17. I never use the phone for internet. In fact I'm on a $5/month phone deal that specifically precludes any data. 1 foot away from my phone is a PC with a big screen and full-sized keyboard. Why would I use the phone?
  18. There's an old and not very good joke about Microsoft. Two guys are in a helicopter flying over Seattle but the fog is so thick they can't work out where they are. They see an office block through the fog and fly up to a window. They hold up a sign asking, "Where are we?" A guy inside the office holds up a sign, "You're in a helicopter." So the pilot, without even having to think, turns the chopper around, flies for 5 minutes and lands through the fog exactly at the correct slot at the heliport. The passenger says, "How the hell did you do that?" The pilot replied, "Well the sign, although technically correct, was otherwise completely useless so I knew we must be at the Microsoft building." Which leads me to ... today, after at least 4 years of being a happy, mostly contented Linux user, I finally decided that there were a couple of Windows programmes that I was very adept at using and I have been unable to find satisfactory Linux replacements for. I check the Microsoft official community support forums, state clearly that it's a Linux PC and ask whether I will be able to purchase Windows and download it - as in, does it have an installation tool which will recognise my Linux system then offer to format a partition into which it will install Windows. I am assured that, yes, it has an idiot-proof installation tool that will install Windows, polish my car, feed the dog and change the strings on my guitar. It doesn't. As I discovered after I had paid the $200. It gives me a screen telling me it can't and saying I would need a Media Creation Tool, giving me a link, The link leads to the page that tells me it can't and saying I would need a Media Creation Tool, giving me a link, The link leads to the page that tells me it can't and saying I would need a Media Creation Tool, giving me a link, The link leads to the page that tells me it can't and saying I would need a Media Creation Tool, giving me a link, The link leads to the page that tells me it..... The worst part: it didn't even change my guitar strings. (I don't have a dog or a car but, after today's experience I wouldn't be too optimistic about those either.)
  19. I always wondered why Asiata was there. Surely he could have signed with one of the lower-ranked NRL clubs. He was a Blacktown boy so surely he had no qualms about moving to Sydney.
  20. On my keyboard were is just were. Is that on mobiles? I guess mobiles use autofill and auto-correct a lot more because it saves time and effort on those awful tiny virtual keyboards. One of the weirdest auto-complete stories I ever heard of was a few years back when Americans searched Google with, "Why can't I own .." the first suggestion was "Canadian" as in "Why can't I own a Canadian?" The explanation I read was that it came from the Biblical dictat that you should not own slaves from neighbouring lands. *I have my doubts about that story but I read it on the internet so it must be true.
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