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  1. Now we are only getting 35000 positive covid cases a day is it time for scrums to come back?
  2. What is it with this sport that we cant put a strategy document together with measurables. It's as if Rimmer isn't answerable to anyone and therefore why would be put something together that could bring him down.
  3. Let's make it better and get a couple of good bands on too.
  4. ....and people in the sport are suggesting Fev should go up into SL. If they are anything near the future the sport is finished.
  5. What did Leighs 430 page SL application say would happen in June if they hadn't won a game?
  6. Wane is tied up until the end of the year with England. Hes not the short term answer.
  7. Henderson would be a good choice given his past experience in the championship.
  8. The team behind the scenes isn't equipped to raise the profile of London. There are no communications, advertising of events.........They have banned people who are vocally critical of what is going on. I didn't go yesterday nor did a number of people I know because we are sick of it. Added to the woeful product on the field. (Bulls last week was a low point).
  9. 24-0 to TO as Bulls are a full time environment. (So Warrington told us when Robson went there on a long term loan)
  10. Just needs a dash of yellow and green to reflect the Aussies in the squad.
  11. Lets hope Derek hasn't signed players on 2 year over priced deals like Leighs last time in SL
  12. Saints played weak teams against London when they were in SL. The coach manages the season and rests players against the lower sides. Has he learnt!!!!
  13. Maybe Man City could start a sports club with RL. Netball..............
  14. Ask Phil Clark he seems to spouts facts and figures off. Hasn't he in the past analysed the game statistically. Remember his prediction tool on what % chance a team has of winning during various stages of a game.
  15. Aren't a significant number of the 'back to zero' as a consequence of knock ons?
  16. Isn't Rowley growing community work and player development in the area.
  17. How would quarantine affect Londons preparation for the following weeks match? Could they train, could they play?
  18. Good result for London when you look at how they performed against Fax
  19. Do they not need to look at the bigger picture which is the number of head injuries? I watched a game a couple of weeks ago and there was 3 HIA failures in one team (I think thats happened in 2 games this season). Given the focus in sport globally on head injuries, dementia claims etc would they not be better of sorting contact with the head out? Union (I know we don't like it!) have really clamped down on head contact.
  20. Sky clearly pass stats periodically to Tez for him just to rattle off. I suspect they are trying to 'up'brand !! him from being seen as simply thick. It just feels so out of place when he rattles meaningless numbers off.
  21. Ball stripping will take time to settle Moving the play the ball to the middle of the field is making the game repetitive, leave it to where the offence, mistake occurred and play from there. It's like American football.
  22. Where did those that went up watch the game from? Did you get in the ground??
  23. Doesn't matter its a % score. They need to get off to a good start.
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