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  1. The problem at Barrow, unlike at some of the sugar daddy-assisted Super League clubs, is they don't have a decent stadium (or access to one) and - realistically - their potential support is limited to Furness (a large town, a small town and a few villages). In the absence of a very wealthy benefactor, the best Barrow can hope for is stability at Championship level (very much like Batley).
  2. I may (or may not) worry about yesterday's Rochdale-Hunslet attendance - if only I knew what it was. Hornets didn't announce it after the final hooter and haven't divulged it since on social media or their website. Anyone help me out?
  3. Has anybody - bar you - referred to any country as "third world" since, well, shortly after those "stupid" Imperial measures were abandoned?
  4. Rochdale Hornets issued a 28-pager (£2) for the 22/8 visit to Spotland of Hunslet. I was told the programme relaunch this season at Hornets is down to the supporters club.
  5. Yes, just arrived back in York. Can't complain at the entertainment or the drama in that one! Found myself on the sunny side of the Pennines, too. Good to see Rochdale have relaunched a printed programme (£2, 28pp) this season, their 150th anniversary. Down to the pro-active supporters club, I was told.
  6. Heading off to Spotland (sorry, Crown Oil Arena), as a neutral, for Rochdale-Hunslet. Not bothered who wins. Hoping it's as close as the league table suggests (the 22-28 prediction above would do very nicely). First game this season I'll have seen in any of the top three tiers. To think how many I used to watch!
  7. In the 1980s, Carlisle wasn't RL territory to the extent it had a semi-pro club and a two-division amateur comp, in which a couple of ex-colleagues played. All chucked away. Typical rugby league. Barrow RL already draw support from the Furness communities you mention - all of them tiny. Sadly, there is next to no interest in rugby league east of Ulverston or northeast of Furness. For the first time since 1972, Barrow RL also now face competition from a Football League club on their doorstep. Without a sugar daddy paying the bills, there's no chance of Barrow making Super League. Another problem in Cumbria is the county doesn't have a single decent sports stadium. Not one.
  8. Piece about Rob in today's online Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/aug/18/rob-burrow-lindsey-interview-leeds-rhinos-rugby-league-mnd
  9. No wonder York City FC are part of the sporting wasteland that is Division Six (North).
  10. Apart from all those from Wakefield who watch Barnsley, Huddersfield Town or Leeds United?
  11. Very sad news. When I arrived in Whitehaven in 1986, to start my first job after university, older locals were still marvelling at Dick Huddart's rugby abilities. What a player he must have been.
  12. 1 Become a sport appreciated across much of England and bits of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; 2 As a result, get some decent coverage in the national media.
  13. PA are useless. These days, their sports department is packed with ill-trained kids earning peanuts. Most of them don't know about anything other than professional football. Many of PA's match reports are written by someone watching games on the telly. Much cheaper than paying a 'journalist' to attend in person. Unfortunately, as budget cuts bite deeper and deeper into the media industry, an increasing number of outlets are forced to rely on the 'dead hand' of PA.
  14. This summer, I've watched 30+ cricket matches, three rugby league (amateur). Says it all. Haven't even bothered seeing a game at the new York stadium, which is three miles away. Put off by talk of God awful one-man rugby, having to book ahead then, when that changed, problems paying on the day. First time I go there is likely to be a York City FC match. [casual attender; don't support either club] Didn't look into booking any World Cup tickets because I was certain the tournament wouldn't go ahead. Meh.
  15. I waited before booking anything - even match tickets - just in case it was put back or cancelled. Never had any confidence the tournament would go ahead this year.
  16. It is disappointing. I was up in Forfar three Septembers ago, and went to watch a Strathmore RU game. The clubhouse had a separate display of Scotland RL shirts their players had worn. It suggested they took RL fairly seriously.
  17. 2,600 for Halifax v Bradford, on a day when the home team were eyeing an eighth consecutive win. An attendance described as "decent" by Martin Sadler. Decent? Really?
  18. Sorry, Lee, that was meant to be a response to northamptoncougar!
  19. Rimmer always looks like a farmer spending a day away from his tractor.
  20. A lot to be said for this synopsis. To be honest, I've spent the summer watching live cricket. The only time I've bothered with live rugby league - three times, then just amateurs - is when rain was forecast. I recorded the Challenge Cup final but, in the end, was happy enough with the six-minute package of highlights.
  21. Same thing happened at Halifax. Plenty of Halifax Town fans, former supporters also of the rugby league club, now refuse to watch Fax RL because of the 'complications' (real or imagined) caused by the clubs sharing The Shay.
  22. Thanks for the parking tip. That'll be useful, when I do get around to going to the LNER. I'm child-free-by-choice.
  23. One of York's problems is a very large minority of the population isn't from the city. The incomers (and I'm one) simply aren't interested in what the local football and rugby league clubs are up to (which, in the 13 years I've lived in York, hasn't amounted to much). My sporting allegiances were fixed long before I relocated to York. Not uncommon, I imagine. I do go along to watch City and the Knights maybe six times a season in total. Now both clubs have departed for a retail park on the outer ring road, it'll be even fewer.
  24. Former India cricketer Yashpal Sharma, a World Cup winner in 1983. He was 66. A heart attack.
  25. John Woodcock, former cricket correspondent of The Times. He was 94. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jul/19/cricket-writers-unite-salute-finest-of-all-john-woodcock
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