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  1. Bearman, spot on post mate, 100% agree with you on every point made.
  2. Breakaway interception for Batley as 12 man Barrow were dominating game gone now
  3. Bad day at the office today for Barrow, Combination of fatigue from the Hudds game & Batley gamesmanship ship, Ill discipline & a few brain farts but we are still in this game atm
  4. So Langtree broke down during warm ups & Shaw rushed back a week early & our indiscipline let us down here & the red & yellow don’t help, Sounds like Batley’s errr gamesmanship ruffled our feathers too much, Can we claw something back here & as I write this more indiscipline just cost us another try & now the game
  5. We gave him today & the commentary team are saying he’s an obvious class above…..Can we the fans help fund his signature? I would chip in 30 quid monthly
  6. Barrow 0 Batley 20 All going mad here as earlier both Lino’s on after Batley striking a prone Barrow player & nothing given, another striking a Barrow player & again nothing……Now Batley we’re playing well & deservingly leading but then Barrow get a straight red then a Yellow to captain Stack for questioning the calls …..Hope Barrow keep their heads as our I’ll discipline has cost us badly here today.
  7. I’m wondering if the Workington winners were announced, So I can throw my losing tickets away ??
  8. Every SL gets an away tie so the Lower league clubs can gain all the media attention & sell the game to their community & the SL clubs fans enjoy an interesting new ground but less salubrious surroundings & hopefully take several hundred fans with them to help the home clubs coffers win/win
  9. Hudds only brought around 130 /160 tops today, So not many away fans screwing the Att artificially higher. fair play to those that traveled
  10. Read this and thought I’d share it here so more get to read this & it deserves its own thread. copied from totalled.com daz39 Posted 5 minutes ago I'll tell you what if you live in the Barrow/South lakes area and are at a loose end get your backsides to Craven Park and experience what is happening there, i go to every away ground and believe me you will not find many better than Barrow at the moment, what a tremendous experience it was, having not been there since 1994? it was a breath of fresh air from the usual mundane experiences of Super League venues, right from stepping off the coaches where we were greeted and informed about what was happening in and around the ground and directed to various pubs in the town centre, once in the ground the buzz around the place was immediate with kids/families all around and the fantastic sight of a proper rugby league ground, the marquee at the far end and fan area outside was heaving and the free £5 food or drink voucher was well received by all, there was just an all round feel of true enthusiasm and something big happening up there and a massive, massive credit must go to the club for building that, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of what i am sure was a wonderful day for them. As for the game they gave us a real fright and as i predicted it was a bloody close one, if we had have lost that it would have been deserved as Barrow never let us get a strong foothold in the game and kept coming back for more time after time, luckily for us our woeful 3rd quarter where we couldn't get out of our half didn't didn't cost us in the end but could quite easily have done, Ritson is a class act and 1 Barrrow fan told me he couldn't believe they'd kept hold of him for this long, i'd have him !! It's been a long time since i've seen our fans all stay to applaud the opposition off the field but they did today for Barrow and it was hugely deserved, hope all the Barrow fans are proud of their lads and not too downhearted, thanks for a cracking and proper rugby away day and all the best to them.
  11. Thanks & was that cluster of Hudds fans on the Walney Rd end all they brought?? Was hopeful they would bring a fair few? Hard to tell off the Telly?
  12. Well done all, Close but no cigar, What was the Attendance??
  13. Not really just encouraging you to spend money which would be very. I’ve of you, Hiccup’s
  14. Well done Barrow, Bit better decision making & a few Ref calls & we just might have scraped a win today. At least we have Won friends & Influenced people
  15. You can always visit when Hull ain’t playing & put a few quid over the bar
  16. Hope Hudds bring several hundred fans & the Furness Public come out in numbers today as a reward for the Barrow BoD for all the quiet hard yards they keep on making to help rebuild this old traditional club up
  17. Hope for good weather & a crowd bigger than 3.5K & an enjoyable game, Hope Barrow put on a good show & you just never know, But head over rules heart & says it’s a Hudds win….Hopefully I’m wrong
  18. Best of British to you Barrow, Just okay hard & enjoy the Cup game & hope for great weather & an even better crowd on the day.
  19. Great to get to watch us on the Telly & what a fantastic 70 mins that was & every man played his part & as someone already said they look a real unit with a great bond & a togetherness, Superb.
  20. I was born in Barra Lancs but it’s been Cumbria for nigh on 45 yrs or so, Think it’s time it adapt Bearman
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