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  1. Oh wow… Talk about bad timing for him & us
  2. Wasn’t the Att 3,595 How many away fans? stack Working???? Couldn’t we pay his wages for the day & have him playing? superb season & above all expectations
  3. 10 Cumbrians for Barrow today & losing the likes of Stack & Langtree from the team left us too lightweight but credit to Batley who’s game plan worked brilliantly for them today. what a fantastic season from the BarrowBoys
  4. Yes & I have family visiting so missing bits of the comms, Xan you tell me why Barrow were pulled back when Miludi was racing clear as I missed it? Anyones game this & decent attendance by the sounds of it
  5. No stack….Work commitments WTH & Langtree injury leaves Barrow lacking power interchanges, could be the difference today, aHope not
  6. Barrow v Batley is too close to call as who ever keeps their discipline & structure will probably win, Barrows off the cuff flair can go either way in tight games, Play up the BARROW
  7. Back in July when we were home visiting I walked on the pitch & hadn’t ever given it much thought previously but it looked bad compared with the bowling green surface at Holker St. Now I realise the surfaces will have different requirements for both codes but it just struck me the huge difference in quality.
  8. Here’s hoping Furness folk should really back this side What numbers do you think Batley will bring??
  9. Minimum 3k but really hopeful of closer to 4K as surely Batley will bring close to 500 won’t they?
  10. Looks decent already, get a few more Top 4 Champs work horses & we should hopefully be right up there
  11. Solid 8/10 every game nothing too flash just a very steady Eddie that all teams really need & lads like this deserve more recognition for what they do
  12. Will we have enough forwards next weekend as we will be needing them, every thing crossed
  13. What a fantastic achievement from all connected with the club, The BOD’s forward thinking in raising the awareness & extra revenue which in turn bolstered the squad, Which raised the bar & attendances as the club is thriving etc etc simply Brilliant
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