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  1. Thanks Bearman, Do you know what the L1 final average attendances are or where I can see them?
  2. Everyone else up there seems to think there is??
  3. Thanks Dave, Do you know what our average attendance figure was for the season, 2kplus?
  4. Superb end to the season & Tee’s record breaking 7 Tries. Well done to everyone involved who won the Championship What was the Attendance?
  5. Doing good things on & off the pitch & worthy Champions
  6. No apologies here as I just need to shout BARROW..BARROW…BARROW Got it off my chest now, Thanks
  7. Most at this level simply can’t afford an A team. Better to use dual, But as you say the loan period is locked in ie a month or 3 but what ever is agreed stays without any recall.
  8. Why not have the best of both worlds but inform Dally that his ill discipline must improve & enter a personal agreement Re discipline = fines etc our young halves are surely learning & improving alongside Dally & will continue to do so & rotation will be a great way for the younger lads to bed into the championship & if Dally simply can’t control his hair trigger then these lads will get more game time as a direct consequence, Replacing him won’t be cheap & however comes in won’t be as hallways passionate for the club, Sometimes it’s better the devil you know, Just my opinion.
  9. His lack of discipline really hurts his game but to be fair the lad cops a shedload of rough treatment as he gets targeted weekly, We need him on the pitch & not in the sheds looking on.
  10. Get the chuffing-ell in there, Up the Raiders…..Made to fight for it vs a very determined Dale but got the vital win
  11. Dale 10 Raiders 10 approaching HT & o have to go out for a wedding celebration breakfast so will miss the 2nd half
  12. Hope we have more forwards power returning to rotate the monsters who will grind & crush the Dale into submission
  13. Less than 300 announced & I thought they had at least 400/450ish & I also thought they’re were more home fans than announced, Similar to the Hartlepool game when everyone laughed when they announced the gate??
  14. Something not right with the Soccers attendance, They was more there than announced B Rovers sold 300 tickets in advance & you always gave away dayers who pay on the gate & that away end looked way more than 40% full, more like 70% full to my eyes, Yer the away figure announced was less than 300??? They we’re also more home fans in attendance than announced imho….I could be wrong here.
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