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  1. Well, if it works, this platform could be a solution. I'll probably try it.
  2. Bradford and Wigan, same number of players. Featherstone have 5 I think.
  3. How many players supplied by each club? SL, Championship, L1, NRL, NSW Cup, Q Cup, etc.
  4. For fans outside the UK, France, Aust, NZ etc, this service Rugby League World Cup: All Events Men's Bundle - Official PPV Live Stream - FITE appears to offer the whole world cup live coverage to countries where there is no TV deal. Has anyone heard of this company? Is anyone thinking of using it?
  5. Are you going to do club representation across the 16 squads? And competition representation?
  6. Good stuff SR. Are you going to do club representation across the 16 squads? And competition representation?
  7. Updated OP with Morgan's confirmed departure
  8. It's certainly not going to be boring with Sean Long. We will play more attractive open rugby which will suit the style of many of our current squad. With Big Mac it was, somewhat ironically, our defence that let us down in 2022. If Long, or a judiciously chosen assistant coach, can sort that, then 2023 could be another good year on Planet Fev. Bring it on.
  9. Yes, it's amzing what a spell at Fev did for him and Nu Brown. Kingy too, but for a cruel injury.
  10. Five Featherstone Rovers players at the World Cup in total.
  11. He's always come across to us as a nice guy and is undoubtedly a very talented player. Then there's his documented history, and an international coach who thought 'narh', and it's hard to disagree.
  12. And sadly, I will of course accept your comment too.
  13. I ain't necessarily defending young Zak, his record is there for all to see. But every Fev fan will tell you that statement is not true.
  14. Here is a list of players from previous England squads, train-on groups etc. who have not made the England squad. Can you help me fill in whether these players are out because of fitness (they've been or are injured) or because of form (just not good enough according to Wane) Not really a thread for debating ins & outs, just info on the names. Please indulge me as I haven't kept up with SL in 2022 as I might have done. Ta. 1 Hardaker 2 Evalds 3 Marshall 4 Johnstone 5 Percival 6 Ashton 7 Wardle 8 Newman 9 McGilvery 10 Davies 11 Dodd 12 Lomax 13 Ratchford 14 Widdop 15 Connor 16 Clark 17 McShane 18 Leeming 19 Walmsley 20 Philbin 21 Currie 22 Farrell 23 Hodgson 24 Sutton 25 L Burgess
  15. Is anyone going to any of the World Cup games?
  16. From the squads named so far: ENGLAND: Ex-player Mikolaj Oledzki SCOTLAND: Ben Hellwell. Ex-players Dale Ferguson & Alex Walker, plus Coach Nathan Graham WALES: Dan Fleming IRELAND: Ben Mathiou. Ex-player Frankie Halton. FRANCE: Gadwin Springer. Ex-player Louis Jouffret. JAMAICA: Ex-player Ashton Golding AUSTRALIA: None NEW ZEALAND: None SAMOA: Ex-player Fa'amanu Brown FIJI: None TONGA: None PNG: Ex-players Wellington Albert, Watson Boas COOK ISLANDS: Johnathan Ford, ex-player Makahesi Makatoa LEBANON: None ITALY: Ex-players Alec Susino & Dean Parata GREECE: None
  17. Credit to Batley, they did a job on us. The 2022 Fev project came up short and ultimately failed. Roll on 2023. Up The Rovers.
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