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  1. What's the age limit for Young Player? I wonder if any of our squad even qualified?
  2. Taking money and failing to provide the service? It feels criminal to be honest. Any answers or even communication would have been the minimum consideration.
  3. Record viewing figures although Super League took money off loyal fans for their overseas service, http://live-rugby-league.com , pocketed the cash and failed to deliver the service. Disgraceful.
  4. Brian farted, but Blackmore got banned?
  5. Don Fox was good enough to kick goals for Great Britain in a test match against Australia and kicked about 600 in his professional career. But if only he'd had your words of wisdom and experience, eh?
  6. Apart from his work with Henri Garcia, Roger Grime has written three other books. https://www.whenthecockcrowed.com/buy.html Both Mike Rylance books are worth reading.
  7. In terms of rumours, I think we're at: 9 Pending: James Lockwood. Retiring? Fa’Amanu Brown. Interest from sl club? Dean Parata. Newcastle? Jack Bussey Brad Day. Newcastle? Kris Welham Ben Blackmore Thomas Minns. Newcastle? Dale Ferguson Newbies: Brandon Pickersgill? Matty Wildie? Morgan Smith? Luke Briscoe? Jesse Sene-Lefao? Ben Helliwell?
  8. Yeah. I just couldn't be bothered to type 'signed on a trial basis for the rest of the season' so I lumped him in a category with Walker.
  9. Page 1 list updated. There's still some big names on the "pending" list. Plenty of rumours of new arrivals and possible departures, but perhaps we'll have to wait for the end of the season for official confirmation,
  10. Sigh. Poor old Don. He's been dead for years and people won't let him rest in peace in death as in life. Great Britain international, Lance Todd winner, all time record try scorer for Featherstone. Renowned as scrum half, loose forward and prop in a stellar career. And yet he had his mental health ruined by constant ribbing and reminders of a kick no-one would have wanted to take in a game that should never have been played. And decades later his error and regrets are hung out to dry time and again. RIP Don.
  11. You know Parata did 80 minutes on Sunday. Webbo will pick the team to win, and nowt to do with anything else.
  12. Yes mate, its tough to decide. I think Webbo likes the specialist fullback otherwise he'd probably have stuck with Hall. Jones gets injured? Holmes off the bench in the halves and Brown to AHB. "What if" with injuries applies all across the park, and it looks like Webbo thinks two hookers is an unnecessary luxury
  13. I think there's no way on God's green earth that a coach should be resting or rotating players in a semi-final "for the final" as that's the perfect recipe for never making the final. We go with our strongest XVII If Moors is not fit, we'll have 20 senior players. One of the five three quarters will miss out. That's tough, but it could be Blackmore. One of the five halves/hookers will miss out. That's tough, but it could be Parata. One of middles will miss out. Again, tough call, but if Bussey is good to go, it's down to Fergie v Cooper
  14. Yes, I think they are records on both counts. Best Championship points-per-game average since 1996. And best ever Rovers points-per-game average since 1921.
  15. That's right. Peewee Pearson holds the record with 40 and Hall finished yesterday with 38 points despite missing six (well, five and one not given) kicks
  16. Instinctively I jumped to 2011 as a possible rival. 840 points in 20 games there. This makes me think you may be right with a new record in 2021. Full check later.
  17. Every time we have scored 70+ points before yesterday..... Castleford Lock Lane H 96 0 W 8 February 2004 The Army H 94 2 W 8 March 2009 York Wasps H 92 2 W 17 June 2001 Toulouse Olympique H 90 10 W 3 July 2011 Keighley H 86 18 W 17 September 1989 The Army H 86 0 W 5 March 2011 Hunslet Old Boys H 86 12 W 25 March 2012 Swinton Lions H 86 12 W 12 August 2012 Rochdale Hornets H 80 4 W 1 July 2018 Bramley H 78 0 W 18 April 1993 Keighley Cougars H 76 12 W 22 April 2010 Thatto Heath Crusaders H 76 6 W 7 April 2013 Barrow Raiders H 74 22 W 21 August 2005 Gateshead Thunder A 74 16 W 20 May 2007 Workington Town H 74 0 W 7 March 2010 Barrow Raiders H 72 20 W 22 August 2010 Workington Town H 72 0 W 3 May 2015 York Wasps H 70 12 W 17 August 1997 Thornhill H 70 6 W 31 January 1999 Blackpool Panthers H 70 24 W 29 April 2007
  18. Quite possibly. As far as his first spell at Wakey's concerned, I was going to write something cheeky like "Ive skipped over his career lowlights" in what is after all a Fev orientated short biog, but ill check and amend that. Ta.
  19. Excellent player for Featherstone Rovers https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/players/liam-finn/345/?fbclid=IwAR37_IBM1qj4RSIxIVZKwmWu3KEF8-0SOJroDhPj3jVwQR_fFShBkAW7OAw
  20. Incidentally Finny also had an early-in-his-career loan spell with us in that 2005 season before signing full-time in 2009
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