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  1. Did he play at Huddersfield in the late 70s? If so I remember seeing him play a great game against Bramley in the Challenge cup.
  2. You have been very good with your predictions. After the Ireland v Lebanon game I don't think I am. For what it is worth I think France have been very well coached and organised, maybe Sean Long has instilled this? They are obviously very limited comparatively in the halves and backs. But the tactics take this into account. The way Samao collapsed and gave up against England was in contrast to how France kept going. Despite this, the team with the better players usually win. I also thought Samoa looked good against Greece. Jarome Luai could run the game again. I think Samoa will win but I can see why you like France.
  3. My first thought was Jarome Luai. Then Watene Zalezniak. Cleary, Lafai and Martin also. I dont really know who the others are to be honest without looking them up. But from the players I am familiar with it is an excellent team!
  4. Last week he nearly said man of the match but corrected himself. There would have been no need to do this if it he had the option of using either. Therefore I doubt it's used because it is easier. I've no issue either way, but I think it's best to be upfont about such changes.
  5. PNG will give them a decent game but unlikely to win I think. Tonga and Woolf seem to be playing tournament rugby very well. They are starting slow and building towards 3 tough knockout games. They can't peak now.
  6. This is a very good post. A point I haven't seem mentioned yet is football world cups attract supporters from each participating country. I remember in Russia, the South American fans travelled in high numbers. We are relying on fans here so are our attendances bound to be lower? Obviously a lot of our countries are poor and the distances are far longer. So I can't see a solution for this. But I just wondered if this is maybe a contributor factor?
  7. He totally outcoached his Irish counterpart today. The difference in the pre and post match interviews was striking also. He plays a very expansive game with Argentina too. They were the only side I watched in the summer internationals.
  8. He looked very good today. He was awarded man of the match. He explained afterwards that they had no training sessions together before the England game. Additionally the Australians didn't play their Penrith players the first game to give them a chance to recover. He was amazing today.
  9. Yes I agree. They were totally outcoached. They also don't have the temperament or self control to succeed with that sort of game. They should have tried to play and use their good half back more.
  10. I was way wrong about Ireland, though I am glad Lebanon won. The differences in the coaching of the sides was one of the factors I hadn't considered.
  11. I think Zelezniak has to be in the side from now on. He was unplayable tonight. I think his pace and finishing will be needed if NZ are going to win. When he came off the Kiwis didn't look as explosive. Though they will need Jordan Rapana for the goalkicking.
  12. Thanks for explaining, I understand. I wasn't sure on what criterea the teams were seeded.
  13. It should have been England v New Zealand in the semi. The rankings are very flawed. There is no doubt England have a big advantage in the draw.
  14. I think France played a better tactical game. The Australian coach and Sean Long have made an improvement. They closed the game down at the end and made sure England didn't run away as they had with Samoa last week. The problem for me is there is no pace in the side.
  15. They have played well. Struggling at centre. However I am impressed that they didn't fold at 18-0.
  16. I bet on Ireland but it has changed to -4, though I did get Evens. I think the game against New Zealand will have taken a lot out of them. Also I read the Ireland playmaker(is it Kears?) has won 5 times out of 6 against Mitchell Moses in the NRL. Have you had any bets?
  17. Similar to Motherwell I think. Edinburgh got over 6,000 for their first home game in the new stadium in January. Average will probably be a bit lower. Motherwell average nearly 5,000 and Aberdeen 11,000 for comparison. The Edinburgh v Glasgow derby attracted over 20,000 at Murrayfield this year I think. The record crowd for Edinburgh was against Toulouse in 2012, 38,000. I hope this helps.
  18. She had a great game on the line today. She was very attentive and eager to get in position. She spotted the foot in touch at the kick off. Also her positioning was fantastic for the final Australian try where the ball was played back in play. I am looking forward to seeing her on Monday.
  19. Yes I forgot about that Seriously, I think the defence is so good that even 6 points is sufficient to win them games sometimes. Both Fijian tries against Australia were from grubber kicks. But of course Scotland didn't get close enough to try this. I suspect New Zealand and England/Tonga will use it as a tactic.
  20. I don't think France have sufficient pace to win. They will have to keep it tight around the middle and make it a forward game.
  21. I think fans are being a bit harsh on Scotland. In fairness Scotland scored the same number of points as England did last time they played Australia
  22. I like Australia and from this perspective I thought it was a great game. I thought it was a good advert for the game in how Australia played the conditions. Despite the high scoreline, they also had to work for their tries and create them. Scotland had no size or pace so they were never a threat. However, we could see they kept tackling and trying.
  23. Australia look very efficient. I don't think there is much Scotland can do, they havent the size or pace.
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