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  1. You really shouldn't listen to rumours from people who work at Boundary Park. As a Latics fan I know that kind of garbage as caused all kinds of problems in the past.
  2. Kick off is 1pm Sunday 11th Sep.
  3. It could be the most cunning of all cunning plans.
  4. Well done lads. It certainly gives us something to play for this season when for much of it there didn't seem much hope. Hope the fans who went are having a good trip and I hope they and the team have a safe journey home.
  5. Cheers guys. They were supposed to be showing every Cornwall game live this season but clearly somethings gone amiss.
  6. Does anyone know if Cornwall matches are still being shown live on Ourleague?
  7. Just phoned up Whitehaven. You don't have to buy tickets in advance, you can get tickets when you get there. There is a special offer on if you get there before 1pm it is £10 adults and the bar will be open.
  8. WOW. If that doesn't motivate the players, nothing will.
  9. That was quick-Just received my ticket.
  10. Just booked my ticket. You have to choose a seat so I've booked mine in the West Stand D N. There is a £1.50 booking fee.
  11. Newcastle tickets are on sale with early bird prices till 16th June.£15 Adults,£10 concessions.
  12. Just booked it on their website and they have sent me an E Ticket. No problem.
  13. Well done lads. Superb 2nd half. Very dodgy ref.
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