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  1. We had Ben Thaler today at haven and he was dire couldn’t stop giving pens and six agains
  2. Dews are the weakest side I’ve seen this year so far you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them if you play like on Sunday night
  3. Said this for years we need new lights but nothing gets done even we know the lights aren’t good enough or lack of bulb power
  4. Yea it was Callum Kells end was packed for 2nd half really good atmosphere
  5. Actually thought town wer brilliant and took the game to haven 1st half, 2nd half we had a lot of ball and could not score we got in great positions numerous times and errors came in with the conditions but it was a proper ding dong of a derby as they should be play like that next week u will beat dewsbury
  6. Spot was bouncing ya nutter for a Sunday night game on a bank holiday and a 7pm kick off on tv! to get 1900 was awesome
  7. Exactly I see why people are put off but this will all be thought of before the game and police will be out in force hopefully see a few of you through for a crack and friendly banter
  8. Just go through support ya team any problems report the muppets don’t let this spoil a good derby game
  9. Laughable marra it’s a joke
  10. He’s signed for us at haven for a couple weeks I’m sure you guys had him last year what’s your thoughts?
  11. Anyone having a dig at whitehaven or the clubs facilities needs to give their head a serious wobble we are part time club we don’t have a sugar daddy that a lot clubs have we don’t have much money the club doesn’t own a football stadium that most do nowadays we have a traditional old rugby ground we can’t compete with the money of sl I’m so proud of my team and town after yesterday how many other teams would keep saints under 50 a lot of sl sides would get beat by more it’s a about being respectful and saints did that in buckets yesterday well done to them and the best of luck them they are a top top club and their fans wer brilliant just wish Cumbria in general could have game like that weekly as our county needs it
  12. It’s a free hit out pal the score line doesn’t matter games like these don’t come to Cumbria often just enjoy the day remember this is one of the worlds best sides on our doorstep part time side will never compete with top end full time sides but what a day for the game
  13. It’s not that far to Whitehaven 2.5 hours? We travel more than that every other week
  14. Can safely say most havenfans are very happy with the draw it’s always a good game v the knights and hopefully and top game this weekend.
  15. I’d say for most of the game we wer tackling bud there’s a lot of teams that will go to Leigh and concede a lot more than 50 points marra imagine tackling a full time side for 80 mins and at times being down to 10 men takes some doing that
  16. Was that when we wer down to 10 men maybe
  17. Be a very good game can’t wait guys
  18. Haven town barrow Sheffield dews batley york Bradford? fax? london all part time
  19. Very very good player good luck and enjoy your retirement marra
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