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  1. But they didn't - believe me. Paltry and their support at home last week against us was poor too. There must have been at least as many Fev fans as Fax fans at their place.
  2. Phew! That is a big 2 points for Fev today. If Fax had won it I wouldn't have complained. They were they best team for 65 minutes. Few thoughts... Fax were excellent with the ball and were faster and better with the ball in hand for most of the game. Their half backs played really well and their forwards put in a big shift too. And they kept coming at us with threat right to the end. Big room for improvement for us here. Poor ref overall for both teams. Thought we came off worst from his whistle frenzy in the first half but there were one or two things late on which could have gone against us but didn't. When Pickersgill took out their winger after kicking through - that could have easily been called. There was a dangerous looking spear type tackle on their 30/40 which could have been given against us and a knock down which was missed on their 40 yard line. Locky and Davis were again full hearted in the pack and Cuthbertson had his best game so far but when Bussey went off he was missed. Hope it's nothing serious. With him off and no Jesse, Moores or Koppy that is 4 of probably out first choice pack not on the park. Jacks will be pleased to have a game under his belt but if I were Chizzy I would have been a bit ###### off that he went straight in at my expense. When is Holmes going to play again? Will he rotate the halves? Smith doesn't deserve to be left out but he might have to if he is to keep them all happy. We did not panic at the end and kept our composure. Jacks said on radio Leeds that games like this will do us good at the end of the season. If we just rack a stack of points every game we won't be ready for the tough games when it counts in the play-offs. He has a point. Folk (lots of neutrals) who are saying we should win every game this season are being disrespectful to the rest of the championship. Five out of five and 3700 in the ground! Fantastic! Up the Rovers!
  3. Fev fan...was very impressed by Leigh last night in all departments. Improving fast and on a par with Fev based on that showing. We are missing a bit of muscle and biff in the pack at the moment but there is a lot more to come from us yet. The talk of it being a stroll for us though is fanciful. Probably three more games against Leigh, but the only one that matters is the one game shoot out at the end. They are closely matched just now. Injuries and suspensions etc will play a part especially before the play off final. Lot to unfold yet but to say Fev shouldn't lose a game as some people is a pretty dumb thing to say this early on the season.
  4. There would have been less than a thousand at Fax if Fev fans weren't included. In fact I would say that over half were Fev fans. Really poor turn out that from Fax. What a shame for them.
  5. I thought it was an excellent crowd considering. Yes a good proportion were the under 16s who are getting in free this season but I support this. It is an investment in the future of the club. Since Vickers stepped in we have taken a very well club to the next level. The buzz around the club and team is a joy just now.
  6. https://twitter.com/FevRoversRLFC/status/1489947073831124998/photo/1 Fev squad on here if it works
  7. You wimp! Actually I'm with you on this one! Looking forward to it but not going to predict it!
  8. Some promising attendances in the figures published yesterday for the Championship games (London, Barrow, Leigh) but it's really hard to find attendance figures for all games - especially Championship and beyond. Does anyone know if there is anywhere they are published? Or does anyone have the time to collate and publish on here (big ask I know!)
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