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  1. the two defeats at home to Barrow and Dewsbury could still hurt Fev
  2. Could anyone tell me what the current injury situation is at Toulose? Ford didn't play at he weekend. How long will he be out? What about other key players?
  3. damn right , especially when London were allowed in last year
  4. By Op do you mean original post? hey didn't say how far they thought Fev can go but just asked a question..
  5. Sheffield and York were above us at the start of the run. Widnes were on the same wins as us when played them yesterday. 4 are considered rivals for top 5 in a very tight league. Anything else you need clarifying?
  6. And given that we were 6 minutes from beating them a few games ago this shows we certainly are capable of beating them in a one off game as you rightly say. For the record, we were the only team to best them away last year too. Different squads I know but won't hard our belief.
  7. When we played them at ours a few games go we were beating them by a point with only 6 minutes of the game left. We had to play an 18 year winger who had only ever played for the first team once before due to our first choice winger being injured. He bombed 3 clearcut chances. Had our first choice being fit he'd have taken at least 2 of the chances. We controlled the game and played better them on the day and were unlucky. They certainly are not a cut above them on the evidence of that game.
  8. On current form I'd day Fev are 2ns best in the division. Look at their last 6 games - 4 of which were York, Widnes, Sheffield and Bradford: - Games 6 - Wins 6 - Points scored 226 (38 average) - Points conceded 58 (10 average)
  9. Expansionists wet dream? Featherstone Rovers will spoil their party!
  10. Leigh are clear favourites and might only lose a couple of games. Toronto are an unknown quantity in many ways and might find the standard of the top half better than expected. How will they travel? Top 4 yes and challenging for top 2 ,but might not do as well as everyone seems to think. If Featherstone stay clear of injuries to key players they could challenge the top 3 this year. They have recruited well, strengthening exactly where they needed to. Holmes and Ridyard have the makings of an excellent half back pairing, the best for quite a few years, improving the heart of the team and have quality cover in Thackery. They have a flexible back line too , with lots of cover and a good pack. Halifax haven't recruited as well as Fev and might find that the Cas dual reg doesn't help them as much as they thought. London have lost their coach and scrum half and according to their fans have a decent first 13 but are thin beyond that. They might struggle to make the top 4. Toulose should be challenging the top 4 if they aren't unlucky with injuries. They have an excellent half back pairing who will get them around the park well. Should be an excellent and competitive season in the championship. Bring it on!
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