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  1. Wouldn’t bet on it happening either. The RFL is blaming the RLIF for the delay...
  2. Down to four games, according to LE, from five. No Samoa. Funding delays holding everything up.
  3. GB won’t be playing Australia but your point about the Four Nations stands. I notice the Oceania Cup doesn’t have a set of fixtures yet either. If the Lions tour doesn’t come off then maybe England can be squeezed in somewhere?
  4. This is getting farcical now. I started this thread bemoaning the lack of information in April and almost nine months later we still don’t know who, where and when GB are playing. Who’s going to bet it doesn’t happen?
  5. My theory is the midweek games against Samoa, Fiji and possibly PNG will have more non-England players than against New Zealand and Tonga
  6. The Sun reports the tour will kick off against Tonga followed by two Tests v New Zealand with midweek games against Samoa and Fiji in between. All five games will be played in New Zealand - probably Auckland & Wellington and possibly the South Island too (Christchurch?). Then it’s off to PNG to play a sixth game against the Kumuls. Wayne Bennett to coach. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/7715601/great-britain-set-to-face-tonga-in-new-zealand-in-first-test-for-12-years/
  7. I don’t see it as a backward step for reasons stated on other recent threads, but it’s very disappointing to read there will be not even a single test vs Australia. That said, the players will enjoy a tour of New Zealand with a stopover in PNG and players rarely get mentioned in these debates.
  8. You have to question what is the point of a Lions tour with no Australian leg. It would be like the Aussies only touring France.
  9. Apparently the Aussies would rather play Samoa. Underwhelming to say the least
  10. Nosey Parker reports the tour will consist of a test against New Zealand, a second test in NZ against either Tonga, Fiji or Samoa, three games against NZ club sides (probably not the Warriors) and a test in PNG. No Australian games at all...
  11. Sure, but the Aussie defence was more like we see now. Up as a unit, line speed etc. Fitness no doubt played a part but I suspect the Aussies were fitter than GB because they got fit.
  12. They probably deserved it, in truth. They had scored the 'try of the century' and Meninga missed a few easy goals. What struck me about watching that was the space available compared to the modern game. GB had a remarkably passive defence.
  13. Sadly Australians don’t see international tours as the pinnacle of rugby league at the moment. The Kangaroos were too dominant, I suppose. Incidentally, Fox League’s The Greatest show featured the second 1990 test earlier this month. What a game!
  14. Oh dear. I imagine Greenberg & co will be happy for the Lions to play in Pacific nations as it helps with the NRL strategy to de-Unionise it.
  15. Rimmer said on Back Chat the tour is still on, he is currently finalising it with Todd Greenberg, GB will play some ‘Oceania Cup’ nations in their own country and in Aus/New Zealand. No Ashes series.
  16. Wakefield are getting a new ground anyway. It’s going to be called Belle Vue and located in Agbrigg. One of the stands might even have a roof. No doubt they will charge a shilling to enter!
  17. It’s been almost a year since the RFL officially announced a Lions tour for 2019. Is it actually happening? And if so shouldn’t they be getting a bloody move on and announce fixtures and dates?
  18. Just the sort of things to donate to the new RL museum which opens in Bradford in 2020... brigid.power@rlcares.org.uk
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